Holy Week, Salamanca Spain

Easter Procession, Holy Week, Salamanca Spain

Easter Procession, Holy Week, Salamanca Spain 

It is Holy Week in Spain, one of the most important Christian events, and here in Salamanca, it is one of the great celebrations of the year. Continue reading

Luke, Evolution Tickets; Calgary Business Portraits

Luke - Evolution Tickets

Luke – Evolution Tickets

Luke Salt  President of Evolution Tickets Inc.  their motto “Any ticket, Any time, Any where” and have access to  hundreds, if not thousands, of choices for event tickets across the U.S. and Canada.  Not just sporting events, tickets for Broadway or Vegas!

Since joining BNI, Rocky Mountain Thunder he has helped several of the members acquire great tickets or sporting events, and concert. I enjoyed meeting with him, working on his portraits; it gave me a chance to visit and learn more about his business, and his goals.

Next time you need event tickets think of giving him a call.

Their off: Calgary Stampede Grandstand Chuckwagon Races

Their off: Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Rances

Their off: Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Races  

Sunday night at the Calgary Stampede, chuckwagon races. Each night the chuckwagons race there are 9 races, 36 wagons each with a professional driver, and a team of 4 outrider.

At the sound of a horn, four outriders fly into action. In what looks like total chaos, one outrider holds the horses while others hurl items representing a stove and other cooking implements into the back of the wagon. Once loaded, each wagon completes a figure eight around a set of barrels, and then charges out onto the track at breakneck speed. The outriders have to cover a prescribed distance on foot, then jump on their horses and catch up. Their teams lose points if they don’t finish the course within 150 feet of their wagons. Penalties are also imposed for interference, loss of “cooking equipment” and or tipping over one of the barrels. The track is 5/8 of a mile long, and the wagons can run in it just over a minute.

One of the most exciting events at the Calgary Stampede.


Calgary Stampede, July 5, – 14, 2013

Calgary Stampede, Midway Rides

Calgary Stampede, Midway Rides

For many in Calgary it might be a little early to start planning their Stampede activities, but for the many volunteers the work on this year’s stampede started last September. The schedule of events that will take place down at the grounds is jam-packed with activities. The midway will be filled with rides, this is one of my favourite places to visit.

This year the parade will be exiting, Astronaut Chis Hadfield will be Parade Marshall, and parade morning is always exciting. about 350,000 people line the parade route, and the parade is two hours long, one of my favourite days of the year!   So with all this thought about Stampede I am exploring some of the old images taken in previous years and planning my visit to the stampede this year!

Don Ross and Brooke Miller @ the Lantern Folk Club

Brooke Miller and Don Ross

Brooke Miller and Don Ross

Don Ross

Don Ross

Brooke Miller

Brooke Miller

Don Ross and Brooke Miller

Don Ross and Brooke Miller 

Don Ross and Brooke Miller performed at two events in Calgary this last weekend.  the first, Friday night, was a house concert, in a friend’s home. Dean gathered a small group of friends for this wonderful evening. During the first part of the evening the sun was streaming in the window, putting the faces of the two performers in the shadows, then during the 2nd half of the show, we had two living room lights to light the room.  Needless to say both lighting situations had their challenges for photography, and the reason for black and white images.

Don Ross and Brooke Miller are touring together,  and saturday they performed at the new Lantern Folk Club, in the Lantern Community Church a beautiful old brick church that was made for music.  Stay tuned, I will let you know when the Lantern is holding their next concert.  Images from Saturday’s performance in the beautiful old church are posted on my photoshelter site, and at this time they are unedited.

One Billion Rising; Calgary Alberta

one billion rising; Calgary Alberta; Feb 14, 2013

one billion rising; Calgary Alberta; Feb 14, 2013

One Billion Rising, a world-wide even to end violence against women. In Calgary we danced at the TD Square downtown. Check out their website.  Get involved to stop the violence against women.

I have posted this image as part of Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post. His word this week is “Unforgettable”  I am hope the worldwide  “One Billion Rising” event will become an unforgettable annual event, and that violence against women and children can be stopped. For more unforgettable images check out Jakesprinter’s blog.


Orange Cypripedioideae – lady slipper orchid

Orange Cypripedioideae- lady slipper orchid

Orange Cypripedioideae- lady slipper orchid

not long ago I told you about the Calgary Foothills Orchid Society here is another of the images taken during their last show.

Foothills Orchid Society – Cypripedioideae – pink lady’s slipper orchid

pink lady's-slipper orchid

pink lady’s-slipper orchid 

As part of my Explore Calgary Project I want to visit activities and events happening around Calgary. The Foothills Orchid Society hold an annual show at the Triwood Community Center, some time in May.  On display are beautiful and show the dedication members have to their plants. Last year I went early Sunday morning, just as the doors were opening, so it wasn’t too busy. If you are planning on taking pictures, be aware of other guest to the show, try not to take up too much space or stay in one place to long. Use either off camera or diffused flash to prevent harsh shadows.

The Triwood Community Center is holding their winter festival February 17, 2012: skating, winter games, campfire, definitely something else to add to my calendar for my explore Calgary Project.



Pilgrim’s Mass and the lighting of the Botafumeiro by the Tiroboleiros, Santiago Cathedral

Pilgrim's Mass and the lighting of the Botafumeiro_IMG_4840.tif

Pilgrim’s Mass and the lighting of the Botafumeiro_

We have been home from the Camino to Santiago Spain for quite some time, and it is taking quite a while to sift through all the photos from the trip. I like a lot of people busy with regular work and lifestyle tasks and distractions. Each day when I have a few minutes I work on my photos, and it is wonderful to re-live the memories.

The first things most pilgrims do, and we were no exception, is to visit the Cathedral.  We stopped by, but we were soaked to the bone as it had rained heavily that day.  We saved our visit to the inside for the following day, when we would be dressed in dry cloths, and have time to see, sit and enjoy all the sights. We arrived early enough to get a seat, by the time mass started the Cathedral was full, barely standing room available. They announce the number of pilgrims arriving in the previous 24 hours from each country.

The ceremony culminated in the swinging of the botafumeiro (smoke belcher) a massive silver incense burner.  It takes eight men, a team of clergy called tiraboleiros to get the incense burner swinging across the cathedral.  The botafumeiro, said to be the largest in the Catholic world and dates back to 1851, it is this part of the ceremony that the pilgrims have been waiting for, and it was so thrilling in a way that can’t be described. The energy in the Cathedral amazing. It was such a moving experience we actually attended Mass the next day to see it again.

for more of our camino images click here

Flag Carriers and their Red Flags at the Calgary Stampede 2012

flag bearers_Calgary Stampede_2012

I did manage to get to the stampede parade this year, but I have been busy and unable to get to processing the images, until last night.

These beautiful flags glowed in the sunlight. The hot sun last friday morning made photographing the parade a challenge; glaring highlights, burnt out whites and dark shadows, and people almost melting in the street! Those who were watching the parade were down on route, in their spots, and waiting by about 7:30 in the morning. The parade started about 9 am,  and it took about 1 hour for the participants to walk the entire route. The last participate joining the parade about 11 am.

The parade was wonderful, more pictures to follow. www.jmeyersforeman.photoshelter.com/