Poppy in Black and White

Poppy in Black and White; copyright jmeyersforeman

Poppy in Black and White; copyright jmeyersforeman

One of my favourite flowers, the poppy, so many colours, blowing and dancing delicately in the breeze. Then when the flower is gone the seed pod is always interesting.


There isn’t much to be said about a pretty flower photo, so I thought I would show you what I started with……..


When I was travelling I limited the lens I carried and without a macro lens I was unable to fill the frame the way I wanted to. I knew that I would be doing some cropping in Photoshop. After the framing and cropping I then used Nik Silver Effects Pro 2 to create the black and white.

Screenshot 2014-09-26 07.38.38

If  you are new to Photoshop or Lightroom, Nik Software is a “plug-in”  or for lack of a better term a program we can use inside these two editing programs to develop the image and create “quick” result.  I say quick, because if you have used the software before and have a vision for what you want then  the results can be quick, if however you are unsure of what might be best then there are so many variables both in presets and the changes that can be made to those presets. There are so many variables that I have been known to play with and loose an hour or more on one image!  The adjustments I made are not featured in the screen shot, I recreated this image for the blog as an afterthought!


Queen Anne’s Lace in the rain

Queen Anne's Lace soaked from the rain; copyright jmeyersforeman

Queen Anne’s Lace soaked from the rain; copyright jmeyersforeman

Visiting family in Saskatchewan this week and it’s cold and rainy. It could be worse, watching the news and Facebook I have learned that it snowed in Calgary! We know that the snow and rain won’t last, well at least we live in hope!

Queen Anne’s Lace like everything else was drenched from the rain, but I love the way the tiny raindrops hang off the slender leaves and run along the stem.  I created this image in black and white, simplifying the image to textures, and to bring out the raindrops that rest so gently on the stems.

Leanne Cole published Monochrome Madness each week, and I have submitted this image for week 28 to be published Wednesday, if I haven’t left it too late, in the meantime check out Monochrome Madness week 27 for some amazing monochrome images.  Check out the latest submission for Monochrome Madness week 28. 

to view the flower gallery visit my website, purchase of prints and or licensing is also available.

Lotus Flower

lotus flower; copyright jmeyersforeman

lotus flower; copyright jmeyersforeman 

Busy visiting friends and family in Ontario and going to spend a couple of days at the cottage! I hope you are having a great week.


Caen Market






Just a few images from the Caen Market, full of the most amazing food, fresh vegetables, flowers, seafood, cheeses and breads. Held every Saturday Morning, rain or shine. it had rained earlier in the morning, and everyone was carrying umbrella’s as well as their baskets.

It was wonderful to walk around, smelling and tasting all the fresh bread, crepes, cheeses, and of course the strawberries.

One of the great things about the trip we have been on is all the different Markets we have visited.Each one very unique from the last. This one outdoors, the vendor’s truck full of goods parked behind their stall.

IMG_5462 IMG_5460 IMG_5459 IMG_5458 IMG_5456 IMG_5455 IMG_5454 IMG_5449

Caen France, garden market; copyright jmeyersforeman



Rushing by the Sunflowers and the French Countryside

rushing by the sunflowers and the French countryside

rushing by the sunflowers and the French countryside 

We took a four hour train ride from Bordeaux to Nantes, long train rides are usually good for getting a little work done but I find I often get distracted, watching the French countryside rush by.  I have commented several times on Spain’s train system, it was pleasure to travel with them I was convinced that they could not be outdone. Well the French might not have outdone the Spanish rail service, but it is just as easy, just as comfortable, just as easy to recommend.

During our four hour ride we watched the cities, towns and farmland roll by. I think this is as close as I will get to the sunflower fields this year! Robin has a great photo of a sunflower on his blog this week, he wanted to alert the photographers in his area that the bright beautiful flower is in bloom.

This image and others are available in my photoshelter gallery. I invite you to check them out. I have had the gallery, but just now finding some time to develop the site a little further.


Fuchsia Flowers: Llanes Spain

Double exposure; Fuchsia Flowers:  copyright jmeyersforeman

Double exposure; Fuchsia Flowers: copyright jmeyersforeman 

We were wondering the streets of LLanes Spain, a little seaside town along the north coast in the province of Asturias. The northern route of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela runs through the town, and each day we would see several pilgrims as they passed through town. Llanes is a resort town, and a wide range of accommodation is available as well as restaurants and cafe’s serving daily menu.

There are remnants of 800 year old city walls, unfortunately the tower is now closed, there is a small harbour and along the port you can see the Cubos de la Memoria, however the main attraction is the beaches, within walking distance of the centre of town. It was on the walk home, late one afternoon that I found this large, rather overgrown fuchsia shrub, with the beautiful red and magenta flowers starting to bloom.

Not satisfied with the photos I was getting of the flowers I tried zooming several exposures to get the streaks of light. After merging the two images together I was able to achieve the affect I was looking for, that of the flowers gently blowing in the breeze. Intentional camera movement has been around for as long as I remember it, but digital cameras and the use of photoshop have given me the tools to better achieve the pre-visualized results.

We have moved onto Leon Spain, and we are enjoying our wedding anniversary amidst one of the many great festivals of Leon. We should have photos soon.

Field of Poppies and Sunshine

field of poppies and sunshine

field of poppies and sunshine

The Poppies are lining the roads and ditches, here in Spain, blowing gently in the breeze, and providing beautiful bright colour that contrasts with the grass.

I used a couple of different steps in Photoshop first to emphasize the green and “hairy” stems of the poppy, another to keep the warm sunshine that was filtered through the grass, and yet another to enhance both the colour and delicate nature of the poppies that were gently dancing with the breeze.


Calla Lilies in Merida Spain

Calla Lily

Just outside the Visgoth Museum is Merida Spain was a lovely garden, and the Calla Lilies were blooming, the garden was lovely. I wanted to share them with you. The Visigoths spread over much of the western Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries, and the museum  owns a collection of more than a thousand pieces of Visigothic art and is one of two Visigothic museums in Spain. It is a must see for anyone travelling to Merida Spain. We have been walking up the Via la Plata on our way to Caceres, the scenery is beautiful, but it cannot beat the lovely Calla Lilies. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

More beautiful flower images are available for viewing and purchasing at my gallery.

Red Poppy and Raindrops

Red Poppy

Red Poppy and Raindrops 

It rained enough today to pull on the poncho’s, a soft gentle rain that is good for the ground and the flowers. I needed to get down in the grass along the side of the road, to get close enough to the poppy I wanted to show the raindrops, and then wait for that perfect moment when she was standing still to get this shot.

I love seeing the beautiful red poppies blowing in the breeze beside the road.

The timing for our walk through Spain, and the Via la Plata has been perfect for spring flowers.

Hopefully we have more sunshine and less rain tomorrow.

White Amaryllis Flower: Black and White Photography

white amerillis flower

white Amaryllis flower

You might not find me outside when it is cold and rainy, but there is always something to photograph.