Calla Lilies in Merida Spain

Calla Lily

Just outside the Visgoth Museum is Merida Spain was a lovely garden, and the Calla Lilies were blooming, the garden was lovely. I wanted to share them with you. The Visigoths spread over much of the western Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries, and the museum  owns a collection of more than a thousand pieces of Visigothic art and is one of two Visigothic museums in Spain. It is a must see for anyone travelling to Merida Spain. We have been walking up the Via la Plata on our way to Caceres, the scenery is beautiful, but it cannot beat the lovely Calla Lilies. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Red Poppy and Raindrops

Red Poppy

Red Poppy and Raindrops 

It rained enough today to pull on the poncho’s, a soft gentle rain that is good for the ground and the flowers. I needed to get down in the grass along the side of the road, to get close enough to the poppy I wanted to show the raindrops, and then wait for that perfect moment when she was standing still to get this shot.

I love seeing the beautiful red poppies blowing in the breeze beside the road.

The timing for our walk through Spain, and the Via la Plata has been perfect for spring flowers.

Hopefully we have more sunshine and less rain tomorrow.

Happy Friday; beautiful pink tulips to start the weekend off with.

spring pink tulips

spring pink tulips

“The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.”
-Arthur C. Clark
Arthur C. Clark wanted to inspire us; don’t set goals for what you think you can achieve, set goals for the impossible, dream big.
I picked up the quote on the Truly Twisted Marketing blog. I just recently started reading recently.
We are kicking off the weekend, and we will have two days to do what we want to do, what blissfully wonderful things are you going to be doing? Not sure, take a few moments, gaze at the beautiful pink tulips and dream.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Meconopsis; Blue Himalayan Poppy in the UBC Bontanical Garden

Blue himalayan poppy in the sunshine

Blue Himalayan poppy in the sunshine 

Last summer we visited the University Botanical Gardens , their canopy walk was so much fun, and their gardens a mix of BC rainforest, alpine garden, and asian garden, they have a food garden, and so much more.

This beautiful Blue Himalayan Poppy had a tiny bit of sunshine shining through the forest on it, the head was so heavy it was hanging down.  There I was laying on the ground trying to get this image. Luck was with me, first it wasn’t windy, and the poppy was sitting quietly in the sun. Secondly, only a couple of people came by and looked at me as I was laying there in the flower bed, lucky one of the gardener was not one of them. I am always very respectful about the gardens, not stepping or crushing anything else as I maneuver through to get the image I want.

I am not the greatest gardener, so it is no surprise that I have had no luck growing this beautiful flower, and I take time to photograph them when I get a chance. What is your favourite flower?


Farmer’s Market; posies for a friend

Posies for you

Posies for you

“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers but for the wide world’s joy”  Henry Ward Beecher

The florist at the Calgary Farmer’s Market has beautiful flowers and arrangements. We were there on Sunday, the very rainy Sunday. Today Environment Canada has let us know the sun is going to shine what a wonderful change. With a little sunshine the plants and flowers should be popping out of the ground and blooming, we won’t have to go to the florist to enjoy the flowers.

I hope you have a great day.


Dixieland Hibiscus Flower and Paul Cezanne

Dixieland Hibiscus Flower

Dixieland Hibiscus Flower 

One of the books I look at regularly “A year in Art” published by Prestel, it has a picture and quote for each day of the year  from a famous artist. I have had the book for a couple of years now, but because I don’t get an opportunity to look at it everyday there are images and quotes I haven’t read seen, or maybe don’t remember reading.

Today the image and quote is from Paul Cezanne “I could paint for a hundred years, and a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing”

I could pick up my camera everyday, each day the world is revealed to me in a new way. Each day the light changes and everything I thought I saw yesterday is different, I could send everyday for a thousand years and still be inspired to pick up my camera and wander the world.  My camera reminds me to see.

Have you walked by something a dozen times before you noticed it?

Red Poppy; beautiful and delicate

Red Poppy

Red Poppy

with spring finally here I can hardly wait for the flowers to bloom. I am working through some old files, and finding some flower images to satisfy my needs for flowers! I love the red poppy. They are delicate, the color is rich, and they seem to dance with the slightest breeze.

What is your favourite flower?

Lily at the Bloedel Conservatory, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver BC

lily at the Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver BC

lily at the Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver BC

Now for something completely different. I have been publishing a lot of different portraits lately. People I have met and worked with, so I thought it was time to mix it up a little.  Flowers are always so beautiful that I can’t help but take pictures of them.  Especially when visiting a conservatory as lovely as the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver BC.

It is april in Calgary, and I have heard that spring bulbs are starting to appear in people’s gardens, not in mine, and we are going to have snow today, with colder than normal temperatures predicted for the rest of the week.  I do miss the flowers.

For this image I used Nik Silver Effects Pro to creat a black and white layer then reduced the opacity to allow a small amount of the color to come through. Since the flower in the original image was a bright red, it came through with a little color while the rest remain dark.