Inspiration and the Spider’s Web

drew dops on the spider's web

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape from a spider’s web.  Pablo Picasso

It is hard to walk past the beautiful spiderweb, when it is decorated so wonderfully with dew drops. It is the beginning of a new year, and a lot of people are setting goals for 2014, making plans, dreaming and looking for inspiration. Bill and I are making plans to walk the Via la Plata, another camino in Spain. This walk from Seville to Santiago de Compostela is just over 1000k, and is often called the Silver Route.   As we plan our walk I wonder what inspiration I will find.

Tell me, if you will, what inspires you.

Meconopsis; Blue Himalayan Poppy in the UBC Bontanical Garden

Blue himalayan poppy in the sunshine

Blue Himalayan poppy in the sunshine

Last summer we visited the University Botanical Gardens , their canopy walk was so much fun, and their gardens a mix of BC rainforest, alpine garden, and asian garden, they have a food garden, and so much more.

This beautiful Blue Himalayan Poppy had a tiny bit of sunshine shining through the forest on it, the head was so heavy it was hanging down.  There I was laying on the ground trying to get this image. Luck was with me, first it wasn’t windy, and the poppy was sitting quietly in the sun. Secondly, only a couple of people came by and looked at me as I was laying there in the flower bed, lucky one of the gardener was not one of them. I am always very respectful about the gardens, not stepping or crushing anything else as I maneuver through to get the image I want.

I am not the greatest gardener, so it is no surprise that I have had no luck growing this beautiful flower, and I take time to photograph them when I get a chance. What is your favourite flower?

More beautiful flower images are available for licensing or printing at my gallery.

Dixieland Hibiscus Flower and Paul Cezanne

Dixieland Hibiscus Flower

Dixieland Hibiscus Flower 

One of the books I look at regularly “A year in Art” published by Prestel, it has a picture and quote for each day of the year  from a famous artist. I have had the book for a couple of years now, but because I don’t get an opportunity to look at it everyday there are images and quotes I haven’t read seen, or maybe don’t remember reading.

Today the image and quote is from Paul Cezanne “I could paint for a hundred years, and a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing”

I could pick up my camera everyday, each day the world is revealed to me in a new way. Each day the light changes and everything I thought I saw yesterday is different, I could send everyday for a thousand years and still be inspired to pick up my camera and wander the world.  My camera reminds me to see.

Have you walked by something a dozen times before you noticed it?

Red Poppy; beautiful and delicate

Red Poppy

Red Poppy

with spring finally here I can hardly wait for the flowers to bloom. I am working through some old files, and finding some flower images to satisfy my needs for flowers! I love the red poppy. They are delicate, the color is rich, and they seem to dance with the slightest breeze.

What is your favourite flower?

Bleeding Heart Flower

Bleeding Heart Flower

Bleeding Heart Flower; Lamprocapnos Specitabilis

One of my favourite spring flowers.

Orange Cypripedioideae – lady slipper orchid

Orange Cypripedioideae- lady slipper orchid

Orange Cypripedioideae- lady slipper orchid

not long ago I told you about the Calgary Foothills Orchid Society here is another of the images taken during their last show.

Foothills Orchid Society – Cypripedioideae – pink lady’s slipper orchid

pink lady's-slipper orchid

pink lady’s-slipper orchid 

As part of my Explore Calgary Project I want to visit activities and events happening around Calgary. The Foothills Orchid Society hold an annual show at the Triwood Community Center, some time in May.  On display are beautiful and show the dedication members have to their plants. Last year I went early Sunday morning, just as the doors were opening, so it wasn’t too busy. If you are planning on taking pictures, be aware of other guest to the show, try not to take up too much space or stay in one place to long. Use either off camera or diffused flash to prevent harsh shadows.

The Triwood Community Center is holding their winter festival February 17, 2012: skating, winter games, campfire, definitely something else to add to my calendar for my explore Calgary Project.



Ostrich Fern, unfolding in the spring sunshine.

Walking up this morning, I smile
Twenty-four brand new hours before me
I vow to live fully every moment,
to see the beauty that is everywhere. 
We had a great visit to Vancouver, it was an opportunity to visit with family and friends.  To visit the sites, some old favourites like the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, and some new sites like the Capilano suspension bridge. This photo was taken while we visited the UBC botanical garden, the sunshine on the delicate unfolding fonds was beautiful.  One special feature of the gardens is the Canopy walkway, which is worth the price of admission.  A 308 meter aerial trail system suspended about 50 feet in the trees offers a view of the upper part of the forest and forest floor from a unique perspective.  The Catwalk suspended as it is, feels like walking on a trampoline and with more that one person on each section walking with the or against the bounce is great exercise. Great fun and worth every minute.
I hope you have a great day, and beauty unfolds before you. 

spring pussy willows, in the spring

warm setting sun,

fuzzy pussy willows,

spring is in the air.

Monday I was visiting Cochrane Ranch, near Cochrane Alberta, the willow trees were past the bud stage, but seemed to have a halo around them when seen in front of the setting sun. It is friday and I am looking forward to a long weekend.

Photoblog Challenge Subject “Leaf”

I have been participating in the photoblog challenges for quite some time now;  mostly because I have an image on the blog that fits the criteria.  However this week’s creative project was “leaf” with nothing in the data base and fresh parsley growing in the herb garden I decided to take up the challenge to produce something specific for the challenge.

I love having fresh herbs growing in the window, all winter long.  We have had mint and rosemary and oregano for a couple of years now. This is the first year the parsley has done very well, it usually gets spider mites and I have to throw it out!  This year I also grew sage, thyme, and basil.

We like to use the fresh herbs in omelettes, pasta, potatoes, pizza, and just recently we made rosemary dumplings on top of the lamb stew.  Slowly are garden is expanding!

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