Sunrise; Imperial Sand Dunes, Yuma Arizona

Sunrise, Imperial Sand Dunes, Yuma Arizona

Sunrise, Imperial Sand Dunes, Yuma Arizona 

I love getting up early to see the sunrise,  we drove out to the north end of the Imperial Sand Dunes, earlier in our visit. There were a few wispy clouds, and for a few moments they caught the colour of the sun and reflected it back. It was quite amazing how far the sunlight was reflected in the clouds. We were 40 miles north-west of Yuma, at the north end of the Imperial Sand Dunes.

What a beautiful way to start the day.

driving home from Saskatchewan

Big blue sky and puffy white clouds

Big blue sky and puffy white clouds 

We had a wonderful weekend visiting family and friends in Saskatchewan over the Labour Day weekend. The drive home was perfect, meaning uneventful! I watched the clouds and hills roll and enjoyed the peaceful view.  There is something very calming about watching the puffy white clouds roll by. The long ride provides an opportunity to read, relax, and possibly daydream….




Sunny and a nice blue sky ahead for Calgary

sunny with blue sky above Calgary

sunny with blue sky above Calgary

today is going to be another great day in Calgary, a great day for laying in the grass and watching the clouds roll by.

I remember as a kid we would go to the top of the hill and lay in the grass, we would watch the clouds roll by and see if we could see different shapes. I am not sure how I managed it, but there is a big “M” in my sky! Okay I will admit it was a big fluke.  Using a fish-eye lens on the camera, I set it the camera down in the grass below the dandelion and released the shutter.  It did take a few shots to get just the right angle on the dandelion stretched up to the blue sky, but I did not see the “M” in the clouds until just now!!!

How many of you have gone shape spotting?  If you have gone shape spotting in the past, how long ago? Let me know.

Blue Sky over Calgary Alberta

blue sky over Calgary

blue sky over Calgary

After a weekend of rain, devastating floods the sun was shining in Calgary. Bill and I walked up to Nose Hill Park. We are hoping for more sunshine so that our neighbors both here in Calgary and the other communities in Southern Alberta can dry out and start the clean up.


shades of blue

shades of blue

shades of blue 

This photo was taken on our last trip across the Atlantic Ocean, one of the rainy days, lucky for us there weren’t too many of them. But I have to admit there is something very  meditative about sitting on the deck of a ship looking out in the blue.  With nothing specific to focus on, just the various shades of blue in the water and the sky is calming. Such beauty is enchanting.

On another note, the weather around Calgary the next couple of days is supposed to be wet and rainy.  We will be looking forward to the blue sky the meteorologist has promised by Saturday.


McDougall Church, Cochrane Alberta

McDougall United Chruch, and Museum,  Morley Alberta

McDougall Church, Cochrane Alberta

Almost every photographer I know has a picture of this tiny Methodist church that sits just west of Cochrane Alberta, just off highway 1A on your way to Banff.  If you are driving to Banff National Park and want to visit the historic site you have to take highway 1A, the slow and scenic route, it is our favourite way to travel.

The day we visited the storm clouds were looming above, gathering for what later turned out to be quite the snow storm, there was just enough light breaking through the clouds and along the horizon for a dramatic images. Light was reflecting off the snow around the church giving it enough light to show detail in the siding, and the wind howling across the prairies.  Not a great day for walking, but a great day for pictures.

Blogging has been rather hit and miss lately, but I am trying to get back to blogging regularly, wish me luck!

Vierge d’Orisson, and a view of the French Pyrenees Mountains

Vierge d’Orisson_French Pyrenees

More photos from the camino, we arrived at the foot of this small statue, the Vierge d’Orrison, shortly after leaving Orisson, as the sun was just starting to lighten the sky.  It was an amazing sight, as the clouds and fog filled the valleys.  I could find very little information on its history, however it is said that the statue was brought from Lourdes and placed on this high rock by the sheep herders, and to this day they pray to be watched over and for good weather.  Today the pilgrims on their camino stop, many take a few moments in silent prayer, many just take a picture and move on. I climbed the high rock to stand by the statue for this image.

The day was off to a beautiful day and we wondered how any other day would be able to compare. But each day we were up early and most days on the road just before sunrise. I have since come to realize that the beginning of each day is a quiet and beautiful time, that it is possible I have been missing the best part of the day, and I need to get out of the house to witness more sunrises!

more from our journey and first day photos: Hola

Remembering our Camino, our journey to Santiago de Compostella

Pyrenees Pony, Orisson France, Camino de Santiago

We are home now, after 7 weeks on the road and it is time to sort, keyword, and process the many photos taken during our time on the camino route from Saint Jean Pied de Port France to Santiago de Compostella Spain.  As we left Orisson the sun was just coming up, and as we walked towards Roncesvalles one of our fellow travellers that day commented that at the rate I was going I would never make it. Stopping as often as I did for one more picture, I was not making great time on the road.  Here the beautiful pony was standing watching the pilgrims pass by.

During October 2012 17,790 pilgrims were received in the Pilgrim’s office in Santiago Spain. Bill and I were among the 20.26% who travelled from St. Jean Pied de Port France, and two of the 631 Canadians to completed the camino. The Pilgrim’s office provides up to date statistics and you might find it interesting to see the who is travelling the camino.

I it is going to be both challenging and interesting to go back through the many photos and notes taken during our walk and hopefully build a complete portfolio. For this images I processed in Nik Silver Effects Pro 2, then reducing the opacity of the layer by 15% I was able to bring in just a hint of the colour that was in the original images. I think it adds a bit of depth, let me know what you think.

Big Skies of Alberta, Big Clouds

Big Clouds_Big Sky, Southern Alberta

Big Clouds in the Big Sky of Southern Alberta

Not too long ago I was out in the Linden area working, standing on the roof of a two-story house when I looked up and out across the prairies, what a beautiful day.

As much as I love to travel and see new places, I never tire of this view of the prairies. The big white puffy clouds going on seemingly forever. The rows of trees separating the varies fields and pasture land. It is September now, the mornings are colder, the farmers have started to harvest the crops, the days are getting shorter, and the light is changing.

This view is different today that it was just a month ago, and a month from now will look different yet again, maybe that is why I never tire of the view. I hope your view is one that inspires you.

Four Jacks Casino, Jackpot Nevada, Photoblog word challenge


the Photoblog Creative Photo Challenge this week is “words”  The photo must to contain at least one word for the challenge, so I went digging through the archives and found this from my trip to Yuma a couple of years ago.  I noticed the dark foreboding sky and took it as a sign of my luck at the card table.  Really I am not much of a gambler, I usually go and watch others loose their money.

You can see other creative “word” photos at the Photoblog Challenge website.