Beautiful Baby Miya; may your week be filled with smiles

Baby Miya

Baby Miya

Babies touch the world with love.
– Author Unknown

It is Monday I and could think of no better way to start the week than looking at this beautiful little smile. I think her mom, who you can’t see, is giving her a little tickle! I photographed little baby Miya a couple of weeks ago, and every time I see her smiling happy face I smile.

I thought I would bring a smile to you this wonderful winter morning.

Happy Monday to everyone!



Father and Daughter

father and daughter

father and daughter 

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.  ~Author Unknown

More family portraits from this fall, doesn’t she have the cutest little face, the little princess actually smiled quite a bit during our portrait session in Fish Creek Park.

family portraits, Calgary Alberta,

family portraits, Calgary Alberta, 

Winter is here, yet I am still working on family photos done earlier this year. Taken near the Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park, the autumn colors and golden grasses don’t last long. There is a beautiful red building, that I think everyone uses as a backdrop for photos, but there is so many places to sit and pose families.

I want to thank Jen and her family for giving me the opportunity to spend this time with them, it was wonderful, the kids were so much fun.


Erin, due any day; Maternity photography.

Erin, Maternity photography

Erin, due any day, Calgary Maternity Photography 

I have known Erin since she was a little girl,  of about 3 years old, it has been a joy to watch her grow into a wonderful young lady, and now expected mom. I was tickled when she asked me to do maternity photos.  Belly shots she called them, we had a great morning trying out different backgrounds, tops, toys, blocks, ribbons, etc.

This image is one of my favorites. Layered with a texture in photoshop that blends well with the dress, Erin’s gaze cast down at the blocks.  I used Nik Silver Effects Pro to convert to a black and white image.  Erin loves the result, and we are already talking about newborn baby photos.  And I am looking forward to meeting the new baby.

Ferry to Rhodes

Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes

Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes

This photo was taken quite some time ago, when the 6 of us travelled to Greece.  I am slowly getting some of my old slides scanned and uploaded into my hard drive, it is a great trip down memory lane.

We had spent a week on the island of Santorini and we travelling to Mykonos, where we spent the day, then onto Rhodes to spend some time.  Taking the ferry through the islands from Mykonos to Rhodes was an overnight journey, we had cabins, but it is not the most restful sleep. By early morning the ferry is stopping at some of the little island along the way, and we could watch the people, and vehicles, cars, trucks and transports moving on and off the ferry.  There was no time for us to get off the ferry and check out the little towns, hopefully one day we will get to go back and spend a little time exploring.

I love the feel of this black and white image, the girls deep in conversation, almost silhouettes against the view.

Merry go Round and Carousel Ponies; Saratoga Springs New York

Saratoga Springs Carousel Pony

Saratoga Springs Carousel Pony 

I love to watch the merry-go-round, the ponies painted so beautifully.  The kids riding them with smiles on their faces, parents and grandparents who never fail to wave each and every time the child goes by, smiling back and enjoying the moment.

It’s Monday and I hope you are enjoying your own version of the work/life merry-go-round, that someone is standing on the sidelines for you, smiling and waving each time you go by, cheering you on, and enjoying the moment.  I truly hope that it is a merry-go-round that you are on, not a treadmill.   Play the music loud, smile at those you around you and enjoy the moment.



Sago Service; a family business, Calgary Alberta

Sago Services, A family business

Sago Services, A family business

It was so much fun working with Maria of Sago Services, she wanted new business portraits for the family business.  We gathered her husband and son and worked together to get some great images. Just look at those great smiles!

Sago Services is a full service moving company, but not just an everyday average moving company. Their team of people will come in pack up your house, clean, move everything to your new home and then unpack, and they will take the stuff (junk) away for you while they are at it.  Any or all of the chores as you desire, imagine moving being this easy.  I don’t know about you, but I hate moving, sorting through all the stuff, cleaning getting the old house ready for the new people and then opening the door on the new empty house and have to find a place for all those boxes and furniture.  Maria and Sago Services want to take care of all that for you.

Maria is another of the wonderful people I have met through the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder Chapter meetings. We meet at the Blackfoot Inn every Thursday at 7 am and it always brightens my day to see her smiling face.  If you are interested in joining us for breakfast, connect with me through email.

For more  Calgary Business Portraits

Baby Miya

Baby Miya

Baby Miya 

I love newborn babies, okay, I love all babies…

And I have great admiration for professional baby photographers. My wonderful friends Brett and Amrita proud new parents allowed me an opportunity to take a few pictures of their beautiful baby girl.


Grandpa’s Car; Old Photos bring back Memories

Grandpa's Car

Grandpa’s Car

A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime. - author unknown

Grandpa’s car was eventually parked up behind the old farm-house. It was no longer drivable, but I do remember driving it, and Grandpa home from town on the occasional Saturday night when he had been in town a little too long. It was our time to visit, and lots of time he sang to me was we drove down the dirt road to the farm. He wanted me to sing with him, and I eventually learned the chorus of some of his old wartime songs!

As the quote above states, memories can last a lifetime, and photos like this brings those memories back to mind, and bring a smile to my face.  Photos are a great tool for awakening our memories and bringing a smile to our face, and I love to go  back through old photos for those smiles.

This image was copied from an old slide, then color enhanced with photoshop and a blur layer added. I have always like the photo because of it’s memories, but it did have some  problems.  After reading about artistic blue on Kateyestudio I thought I would dig it out and give it another try.  I am happy with these results: I like the deep color of the car and grass, the blur around the trees and edges, it is as if the wind is blow by the movement in contrast to the car.

Let me know what you think.

Sugar and Spice and all things nice!

Carolynne's Granddaughers

Carolynne’s granddaughters

“Sugar and Spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of…..”

 This one was fun, but only take two attempts, little Addilyn tipped over the first time! On the plus side it won’t be long before she rolls over all by herself.  The big girls Skylar and Alexa were perfect, they remembered to watch me, not the baby, so I could get the shot.