St. Lawrence Market, Toronto Ontario

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto Ontario

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto Ontario

We have had a few days in Toronto and area over the last few days visiting family and friends, and it has been wonderful seeing everyone. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to see everyone.  During our time in Toronto we were staying only blocks from the St. Lawrence Market. The National Geographic has ranked this market as the #1 food market in the world, so we thought it was time we paid the market a visit.

The main and lower levels of the South Market contain over 120 specialty vendors.  Below a few simple snapshots taken of the food; some we enjoyed and at some wanted to enjoy.







green groceries

green groceries

It crisp and cool outside, warm and lovely by the fire with my mulled wine!

spiced wine_MG_6350

mulled wine

Mulled Spice from the Silk Road Spice Merchant here in Calgary makes the perfect blend for mulling wine. The store in Inglewood is a lovely place to visist.

Spices and Wine

mulling spices

For more creative views and still life images: Still life 

Chantilly Creme filled Cream Puffs from Cruffs, Pure Deaminess!

We were at the Calgary Farmer’s Market and found that Cruff’s has opened a location, and a trip to the farmer’s market will never be the same, as theses could become a favorite indulgence. First you pick your shell, and there are lots of different toppings, candies, nuts, icing, chocolate and several combinations of those; then pick your filling –  Chantilly Cream, Hazelnut Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Baileys are just a few of the fillings, and then a  friendly staff member will fill your cream puff, there is almost an endless variety, which can be a problem for the waistline!.  Give them a try, you won’t regret a little indugence!

1886 Buffalo Cafe, Calgary Alberta

I love breakfast, it is my favorite meal of the day, and I have to admit, while I don’t often indulge in a breakfast like this, it is one of my favorites.  Ed Benedict – two eggs, grilled tomatoes, lots of cheese on whole wheat toast, and  hashbrown potatoes , not exactly the healthiest breakfast in town, but every once in a while………………

Service has always been good.  On the weekend, unless you get there early, you are likely to face a line up at the door,  The building has been around for about 119 years; for a little history checkout

Spaghetteria Toni, Dubrovnik Crotia Restaurant

During our stay in Dubrovnik Toni’s Spagetti was highly recommended, off one of the little laneways just off the Stratun it is easy to find – but you do have to pass at least one pizza joint – and it is hard to tell where one restaurant stops and another one starts, it is worth the time to find.  The food is fresh, well cooked and simple, and a great idea when looking for something other than seafood!  The staff is very friendly, give it a try and tell them I sent you!

Good Morning Coffee,

Great days start with a great cup of coffee……..I hope you have a great day.

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I love mushrooms, you can bake, broil, deep-fry, grill, roast, saute, steam and stew them.  You can eat them raw alone or in a salad, you can use them in stock or in soup and you can stuff them!  Reading the Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg I realize there are so many types of mushrooms I get lost in the names, I am sure that I could spend a month trying new recipes that feature mushrooms and not eat the same one twice!

Mushrooms are also a great subject to photograph!  These little guys, and I emphasis little because I don’t think they were much more than an inch tall, were growing in my back yard, more precisely on the mat at the bottom of the deckstairs. I was laying on the ground just inches from the mushrooms, using my macro lens.  Success, I have captured wild mushrooms!  while I won’t be eating these little guys, I now crave something mushroomy for dinner!

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