Los Milagros Aqueduct, Merida Spain

Los Miagros Acqueduct, Merida Spain

Los Milagros aqueduct, Merida Spain 

The Los Milagros aqueduct was built between 1 B.C. and 3 A.D., it was 830 meters long and 25 meters high, made of brick and concrete it was faced with granite ashlars. It was used to transport water from the Prosperina lake to the Roman colony of Emerita Augusta know today as Merida Spain. Today about 38 arches still stand.

Los Milagros aqueduct, Merida Spain

Los Milagros aqueduct, Merida Spain  

The Los Milagros aqueduct is one of three aqueducts build in the area, and preserved as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Merida.


Weekly Photochallenge: Street Photography, Merida Spain

Merida, Spain, just before sunrise, March 29, 2014

Merida, Spain, just before sunrise, March 29, 2014 

we were up early this morning, in the off-chance there was a great sunrise. It has been raining on and off again for the last few days, but we always remain hopeful of a beautiful sunrise. On our way to the river and the Roman Bridge, I decided to take this image, I love the light reflecting off the wet streets. There isn’t a lot of street life at this time of day, 7 am, not that early in my books, but it is a Saturday and I guess people were sleeping in.

WordPress hosts a creative photo-challenge each week, check out the street photography others have linked to the challenge, see what is going on around the world…

Meanwhile I have taken the afternoon off from walking. I will be process some lovely evening and early morning photos we have taken from Merida Spain.


Plaza Espana, Sevilla Spain in the evening

Plaza Espana, Spain Square in the evening

Plaza Espana, Spain Square in the evening

we had a warm cloudy night as we waited for the sunset and the street lights to come on around the Plaza Espana. Just as the lights came on the carriage stopped under the street light, as if to pose in the perfect light for this final image of the day.

The Plaza Espana, or Spain Square as it is called in English, is  located in the Parque de María Luisa was built in 1928 for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition, and it is a beautiful place to spend the day when visiting Seville.


shooting star christmas tree




christmas tree and star_MG_7432

   shooting star/ christmas tree

Planning and decorating for the holidays have been on my mind this weekend, rather than actually doing anything to get ready for Christmas I decided to procrastinate and go through some previously taken holiday photos.  This photo of a large outdoor Christmas tree actually looked more like a shooting star, especially when photographed close up and from an angle. It is one of my favorite holiday pictures.  Are you getting ready for the holidays, or are you, like me, still in the planning stage?



Ile de cite, Paris France and the image that inspired it

Ile de la cite, Paris France, and the evening river cruises

I am a big fan of Henri Cartier-Bresson, there is so much to be learned from studying the work of someone you admire. While most of us do not want to just copy someone else’s work, there are lessons to be learned by walking through the process the photographer  might have used to capture an image.  I believe that as much as you might try to copy someone’s work that our equipment, the processes that are available to us, our skill level and our personalities will all show in the images and separate your work from the original.

Take this image for example, the original inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson taken in 1952 would be difficult to copy today, yes with Photoshop it could be accomplished, but what is to be gained by that, except well, to improve or show off your Photoshop skills.  I have my own memories of Paris.  Memories of  Paris of today, with the river cruises, the grey skies, the yellow and orange leaves of autumn. This is the Paris I want to capture in my images. But I did pick this spot to take picture not just because it was beautiful but because I had seen Henri Cartier-Bresson’s images, and loved it. I purposefully choose early evening because I wanted to show some of the city lights, and I choose a slow shutter speed to show how the River Seine is now a very busy place.

So while my image was inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson it is quite different, and meets my objectives for the images.

A new day, and new city, Oct 20, 2012 in Paris France

We arrived in Paris late last night, no time for seeing the sights. Today was very much an orientation day, finding our way around, getting some groceries, doing laundry and yes catching up on rest. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that we took a walk to just wander near the Seine River, and while it was a little misty at times, the rain was nothing to concern us .

Eiffel tower_ in the clouds

our first sighting of the Eiffel Tower, the top was just barely visible through the clouds, and while the forecast is for rain tonight, and light rain tomorrow the rest of the week promises to be sunny, we will keep our fingers crossed.

boats on the seine river, pont neuf, paris france

A view of the Seine River, and Pont Neuf; the river cruises were busy tonight. Late in the season, the tourists flock enjoy the view of Paris from the river despite the cool and rainy weather.

rainy evening in Paris_Louvre,

The apartment we are renting while visiting Paris is not far from the Louvre, we passed by just after sunset, the city lights were just starting to come on, there were beautiful reflections in the puddles!

Venice at night, bridge to Rialto

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.” –Anna Akhmatova

I took a quick look at some of my images taken on my trip to Venice, it is a place I could return to again and again.  If  you get away from the busy tourist area and St. Mark’s Square there are many quiet streets, and squares, wonderful coffee and pastry shop, and for the photographer great light.

this weeks photo challenge on photofriday.com  is day’s end,  I like the warm light in the restaurants at the end of the bridge, and can’t image a better place for a glass a wine at the end of the day.  I would recommend you drop by the photo friday site and check out some of the other great photos. Other great photo challenge sites PhotoSunday this weekend’s word “evening” and Lensday challelnge for Peaceful!

More photography of Venice;  this photo and others by the photographer are available at jmeyersforeman photography

calgary – winter storm warning!

A winter storm warning has been issued for our area, read further and you will see that the meteorologist are suggesting that we might get between 2 – 4 cm of snow.  I am not sure if 2 – 4 cm of snow is so much snow that we need a “storm warning”  after all it is winter in Calgary, and part of our lifestyle, sweeping snow off the car.

It will be a great day for pictures if I can find time from work to get out there!

san francisco in motion, abstract landscape photography

yesterday was a big day of the always exciting bookeeping chore that needs to be done, let me tell you this isn’t my favorite way to spend an evening after work!   I have been experimenting with abstract landscapes, here is san fransisco, as sunset.  It had been a cool and cloudy day in November and there wasn’t much of a sunset, the lights were starting to come on in the buildings and we had been wandering around for a few hours seeing th sites. I knew this was the best light I was going to get over the city, we were getting cold, and hungry, so I took a few frames and carried on.

It is a little difficult to see, but you can make out the sign for Ghirardelli Square, after dinner we went there and had the greatest ice cream sundaes ever, it is the best place to blow your diet, and splurge on something amazing!!!!!!