Long Beach California; shades of blue

Hazy Morning, Long Beach California

Hazy Morning, Long Beach California

Sunday Morning we were in Long Beach California, picking family up from the cruise terminal, we sat and watched the many people disembarking from the ship, there were many! It seemed they streamed off the ship forever.

Sitting and waiting, it was the first time in quite a while that I have had time to look around and just image what I might photograph.  I had recently purchased a new multi-stop neutral density filter, and wanted to spend a little time discovering the possibilities. The coastline was hazy, and there was hardly a line between the sky and the ocean. The ocean is in constant motion, so I thought I would use the filter to allow for a long exposure, softening the waves and eliminating any distraction on the surface of the water, or birds that might be flying by. Giving a photo of soft blue in just about as many tones of can be imagined.


shades of blue

shades of blue

shades of blue 

This photo was taken on our last trip across the Atlantic Ocean, one of the rainy days, lucky for us there weren’t too many of them. But I have to admit there is something very  meditative about sitting on the deck of a ship looking out in the blue.  With nothing specific to focus on, just the various shades of blue in the water and the sky is calming. Such beauty is enchanting.

On another note, the weather around Calgary the next couple of days is supposed to be wet and rainy.  We will be looking forward to the blue sky the meteorologist has promised by Saturday.


Inch Strand, Ireland, a sandy 3 mile long beach in Ireland

sandy beach, county Kerry,

Inch Strand, a sandy beach in County Kerry

Along with getting the wedding photos done, I spend a little time each day archiving old photos, and reliving old memories! Today I visited Ireland again, Inch Strand is three miles of sandy beach, so I don’t understand the name.  I guess I will have to do some internet research to learn the story behind the name.  We were there in October a number of years ago, so it wasn’t very busy, maybe someday I will get back to spend sometime in the summer, and to watch the surfers.

The coast of Ireland, Dingle Peninsula

The coast of Ireland is beautiful, one might say that I am all over the map these days, figuratively not physically. I have been going through old files checking key words, and filing of images. Reliving old memories.  As I said the coast of Ireland is beautiful, we were lucky, the few days we spent in the Dingle area the sun was shinning, and it seemed to us the country side was almost vacant, hardly anyone around. I guess it helps to be there in late September, “shoulder season” for most tourists.  Driving on the narrow windy roads, like the one you see here was easier with less traffic, and not a tourist bus in sight.

It was a bright clear day, and without a graduated neutral density filter I had to make a choice – get detail in the sky or in the coastline.  I choose to capture the detail in the rocky coastline.  I have a habit of travelling light, and there are times my photos suffer for this! Since this photo was taken I have started to carry some of the filters with me and I am learning to utilize them with some success.

Florida, Sailing

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. 
                                                                                                                                            Lucius Annaeus Seneca

From our recent trip to the Key West Florida, hopefully I will be back someday!

waiting in the shade………….

cataloguing, keywording, and organizing holiday photos, I love to revisit the holidays!  This guy is just sitting in the shade watching the tourist walk by.  Oh wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit on the beach this weekend and drink margaritas! That is not going to happen this weekend here in Calgary, maybe I will drink margaritas by the fireplace!  I hope what ever your plans are that you are making great memories.

Wishing for warmer shores

Waikiki sunset……

It has been a cold weekend, and while I have heard the tempetures will be better during the week, it is just the beginning of winter.  Two things I am sure of, first there will be plenty more cold days ahead, and second it would be nice to watch the sunset someplace warm, Waikiki would do nicely.

For this photo I used a long shutter speed and a little movement to create an abstract landscape image.