Wanda; Relationship Coach; Calgary Portrait Photography

Wanda, Calgary based relationship coach. I love her motto: Life might not be the party we expected; but while we are here we might as well dance.

Knowing we need to make a change, figuring out what that change should look like, and then making that change is practically impossible for most of us. I  will be honest with you, bad habits seem so much easier to stick with than good habits, or is it just me?

We have all heard that working with a coach is a great way to help figure out priorities; determine the change that would yield the best results, and  keep us accountable to our goals. Wanda works with people making relationship changes and people wanting better relationships.

I first met Wanda at the BNI, Rocky Mountain Thunder meeting, and it was a great pleasure to work with her for business portraits, and learn a little more about her work.  Spark Change Now

Thanks Wanda, I going dancing!!!

Dawn aka Pink Chick; Calgary Portrait Photography



Dawn, well known in the running community; she is an active runner, blogger, and contributor to Flickr. Not only does Dawn spend a great deal of time running and training for her triathlon she as a great volunteer for the Calgary Road Runners, and the Calgary Half Marathon. Dawn is also a proud Grandmother.

I wouldn’t normally comment on someone’s age, but Dawn has proudly announced her 59′s birthday and I have to say if I look that good at 59 I will shout it from the roof top as well!

I am proud to be counted among Dawn’s friends, and thrilled she gave me the opportunity to work with her on new portraits.  Thanks Dawn, I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you.

Luke, Evolution Tickets; Calgary Business Portraits

Luke - Evolution Tickets

Luke – Evolution Tickets

Luke Salt  President of Evolution Tickets Inc.  their motto “Any ticket, Any time, Any where” and have access to  hundreds, if not thousands, of choices for event tickets across the U.S. and Canada.  Not just sporting events, tickets for Broadway or Vegas!

Since joining BNI, Rocky Mountain Thunder he has helped several of the members acquire great tickets or sporting events, and concert. I enjoyed meeting with him, working on his portraits; it gave me a chance to visit and learn more about his business, and his goals.

Next time you need event tickets think of giving him a call.

Luke Salt, Evolution Tickets: Calgary Portrait Photography

Luke, Evolution Tickets

Luke, Evolution Tickets 

December of 2013 was a busy month, so busy that in order to enjoy the season’s festivities, visiting the family and friends that I had to drop a few things off the “to do” list. One of those things was blogging, so I have a few posts to catch up on. I had several portrait sessions, and a few Calgarians, entrepreneurs to introduce you to.

The first of these business portraits sessions was for Luke, of Evolution Tickets is a full service brokerage in the secondary ticketing market, “Any Ticket, Any Time, Anywhere” they will do what they can to get great premium tickets for high demand events including sporting events across Canada and the U.S., broadway events in NYC, or concerts in Las Vegas. I would highly recommend giving them a call if you want tickets for an event, they will get those tickets for the best price. It was great met Luke, while working with him I learned about his business and his commitment to customer service.

I met Luke through the BNI, Business Networking International, Rocky Mountain Thunder Chapter, they have networking meetings Thursday morning at the Blackfoot Inn. A lot of members in the group have been able to acquire tickets with the help of Evolution Tickets, and recommend his service; give him a call next time you are looking for tickets. For information on Rocky Mountain Thunder  and how they can help you grow your business check out the BNI RMT facebook page

I am going to get back into the routine of blogging every 2 or 3 days, I am planning on catching up on more portraits over the next couple of weeks, introducing you to some other Calgary Businesses, but I will try to show you a little more of Calgary as well. By the end of Febuary Bill and I will be hitting the road and doing some travelling, so the blog posts will include our travels and the places we see and the people we meet. 2014 is going to be an exciting year….



Beautiful Baby Miya; may your week be filled with smiles

Baby Miya

Baby Miya

Babies touch the world with love.
– Author Unknown

It is Monday I and could think of no better way to start the week than looking at this beautiful little smile. I think her mom, who you can’t see, is giving her a little tickle! I photographed little baby Miya a couple of weeks ago, and every time I see her smiling happy face I smile.

I thought I would bring a smile to you this wonderful winter morning.

Happy Monday to everyone!



family portraits, Calgary Alberta,

family portraits, Calgary Alberta, 

Winter is here, yet I am still working on family photos done earlier this year. Taken near the Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park, the autumn colors and golden grasses don’t last long. There is a beautiful red building, that I think everyone uses as a backdrop for photos, but there is so many places to sit and pose families.

I want to thank Jen and her family for giving me the opportunity to spend this time with them, it was wonderful, the kids were so much fun.


Donia, a beautiful name for a beautiful baby

Another little pumpkin!

Another little pumpkin! 


I met Donia last weekend, just a little over three weeks old and sound asleep we are reminded how precious these little bundles are. Another little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. I doubt that her parents will tell her that she was found in the cabbage patch or that the stork delivered her!


Donia is gorgeous, and a wonderful reason for owning a camera. Her mother, Erin had maternity photos taken about three weeks ago, and it was a great joy to met Donia in person. I am looking forward to watching her grow up.



Kosti – Nerds on Site

Kosti, RCMP_late 19 century

Kosti, RCMP_late 19 century 


I had the opportunity to meet Kosti Muirhead thought BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder. As members of the morning networking group we have had the chance to chat a few times, and not that long ago he had the opportunity to make a presentation to the group about the services provide by Nerds on Site.

For small independent business having IT support on staff is impossibly expensive, and finding someone who can provide ongoing IT support customized to your individual needs can be both tricky and expensive. Well I am here to tell you that Kosti is just the answer.

Kosti contacted me a couple of weeks ago for business portraits, so it was an opportunity to learn a little more about him, his business and the services he provides.  He understands how to ensure that your  computer systems are working effectively, that the information is being backed up and is stored safely, and can make recommendations on improving you systems. He can do all of these things not just because he has had great training, and support from his company, but because he is a great listener.

When I visited with Kosti, I learned he , was on his way to Fort Steele. He belongs to a group who during events like Heritage weekend, dress as RCMP officers  they play the part of the officers. We have all been to different historical parks and talked to or watched demonstrations by the people there. They provide entertainment and eduction on life during the time.  Above is a picture of Kosti in his historical outfit. I processed it so that it had an old antique feel to it. 

Remember, if you need IT services give Kosti at Nerds on Site a call.

Megan-Tallulah lost

Megan-tallulah lost

Megan-tallulah lost







finally finished Megan’s photos. Megan had a very specific idea of the images she wanted, the look and the cloths, even some of the poses.  It was my job to get the set and the lighting just right, and of course final editing.  Once we were done the images she wanted we would play a little with each set up, and then we went out to play.  Heading downtown we found an interesting location, and worked with the reflection, the black railing and black wall.

An Alex Turner inspired photo session.

It was wonderful collaborating with someone who had a vision, yet left room for exploration and play. Thanks Megan for the opportunity to work with you.


Megan-tallulah, Calgary Portrait Photography

Megan-Tallulah, Calgary Portrait Photography

Life in Calgary has been very busy this summer, too busy to blog I am sorry to say. I miss my time here and miss hearing from everyone.  Just a quick note to show you my favorite shoot from the week. Megan contacted me, she had very definite ideas for her portrait session. She is a graphic designer, artist, and entrepreneur. Motivated, hardworking, and a whole lot of fun.  She showed up with her outfits, fashion pages and layouts to work from and we went to work. Shooting here in the studio as well as downtown we kept the shoot tight in terms of purpose, sticking to the original plan, but leaving a little room in the schedule for fun and to experiment.

A quick look through the proofs yesterday was all I needed to work well into the night last night to get caught up on work so I could get these images into photoshop and work on them. I thought I would show you one portrait to peak your intersted, there will be more next week….

stop by, say hi, let me know how you have been, let me know if you have any suggestions for the new work. thanks