Queen Anne’s Lace in the rain

Queen Anne's Lace soaked from the rain; copyright jmeyersforeman

Queen Anne’s Lace soaked from the rain; copyright jmeyersforeman

Visiting family in Saskatchewan this week and it’s cold and rainy. It could be worse, watching the news and Facebook I have learned that it snowed in Calgary! We know that the snow and rain won’t last, well at least we live in hope!

Queen Anne’s Lace like everything else was drenched from the rain, but I love the way the tiny raindrops hang off the slender leaves and run along the stem.  I created this image in black and white, simplifying the image to textures, and to bring out the raindrops that rest so gently on the stems.

Leanne Cole published Monochrome Madness each week, and I have submitted this image for week 28 to be published Wednesday, if I haven’t left it too late, in the meantime check out Monochrome Madness week 27 for some amazing monochrome images.  Check out the latest submission for Monochrome Madness week 28. 

to view the flower gallery visit my website, purchase of prints and or licensing is also available.

We are getting rain!

rain drops; copyright jmeyersforeman

rain drops; copyright jmeyersforeman 

We have spent a few days in Bordeaux France, and it has been raining! It hasn’t slowed us down in terms of sight-seeing. We are off to Nantes, and will be on the train for 4 hours, out of the rain, and hopefully time to work on a few images!

I didn’t bring my macro lens on this time, and at time have missed having it in the bad. Choosing what to carry in the bag for a trip is always a tough choice, and a balance between what there is room for, weight I can continually carry, and what I might need or use most frequently. Choices, life is all about choices and of course 2nd guessing our choices!!!!


Plaza de Maria Pita, A Coruna Spain

Plaza de Maria Pita after the rain

Plaza de Maria Pita after the rain 

We arrived in A Coruna Spain yesterday afternoon, just before the rain! By the time we checked into our hotel and headed out for a walk the rain had stopped. During our walk we visited the Plaza de Maria Pita the cities many plaza and gathering centre. It, like a lot of major plaza’s is surrounded by buildings filled with shops and restaurants. Today those shops and restaurants were not too busy, it was the middle of the day, and tourist season has not yet hit its peak. What was great, at least for me, was seeing the buildings reflected in the puddles! I just had to wait a few minutes to get a couple of people to walk through the puddle.


Red Poppy and Raindrops

Red Poppy

Red Poppy and Raindrops 

It rained enough today to pull on the poncho’s, a soft gentle rain that is good for the ground and the flowers. I needed to get down in the grass along the side of the road, to get close enough to the poppy I wanted to show the raindrops, and then wait for that perfect moment when she was standing still to get this shot.

I love seeing the beautiful red poppies blowing in the breeze beside the road.

The timing for our walk through Spain, and the Via la Plata has been perfect for spring flowers.

Hopefully we have more sunshine and less rain tomorrow.

Walking in the Rain

walking in the rain

walking in the rain

If you are in Calgary today, you will need your umbrella!

It is Friday and it seems like it has been raining most of the week, but it is spring, so the rainy weather is to be expected. Having a nice red umbrella can brighten the day.  I hope you have a happy friday and a great weekend.

Red Dalia beside the Camino Path

Red Dalia

Red Dalia

All along the Camino to Santiago we noticed gardens of herbs and garden, always looking prettiest in the rain.

the Photoblog creative project challenge is “red” and while the photo is not completely red, the main subject is red. My husband the red jacket, top right corner compliments the flower and creates a diagonal line through the image.  Have a look at the other images that have been submitted.  Let me know if you get involved in the challenge.

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Day 40, our final day, our final 14k of the Camino

our final day, our final 12k_camino de Santiago

We have read about it, we have talked about it, and we have even dreamed about it.  Yes we are on the doorstep of Santiago de Compostela, this morning we had less than 14k to walk.  Yesterday was wet, we were soggy by the time we arrived at our hotel, and we were hoping for at least a semi-dry day today as we walk. That was not to be. As we left this morning, if was foggy, misty hung in the air, and we had walked less than an hour when the rain started to pour down on us.  We walked the final 10k  in heavy rain. Arriving in the Praza do Obradoiro to the front door of the Cathedral about 1 pm local time, soaked to the bone. Our Gortex waterproof boots were even soggy. We took the picture below and moved onto our hotel to dry out, and find some lunch.

Bill and Jan at the Santiago Cathedral_Praza do Obradoiro

All is not lost, tomorrow and we sleep in and have a relaxing breakfast, we will register our trip with the Peregrino office and visit the Cathedral, and hopefully we will see and be able to visit with others we have met on the camino in better weather.

day 39 of our camino to Santiago de Compostela

pilgrim with a green rain poncho_camino Santiago de Compostella 

Today we travelled from Arzua to Amenal, about 25k. Today it rained heavily most of the day, and it was a colder today than we have had before, it only reached about 15 C.

When I had been doing my research on the Camino, one of the things I looked at is the weather. Trying to figure out what type of weather we might be subjected to while walking the Camino.  So I have to be honest, my research showed that October temperatures would be mid teens (Celsius).  Average days of rain in September and October were both 10 days.  It is great that we have warmer temperatures than expected for most of the trip and while there have been days of some rain, there have been very few where it has rained all day.

Hopefully the rain will stop for our walk into Santiago Compostela tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is the last day on the Camino.  We will spend a couple of days before flying out.




Day 35, Rest day in Sarria Spain

Sarria_Oct 11, 2012_under the rain cloud

The rain cloud that we spent yesterday under!

cows near Sarria Spain_standing in the rain

Even the cows didn’t seem all that happy to be out in the rain, they just stared at us as we walked by!

mushrooms beside the Camino Path_Sarria Spain

It has been so wet over the last couple of days the mushrooms were popping out of the ground, and lining the Camino Path.

Today we rested, Matt, Bill’s son arrived in Sarria about 7 am this morning after travelling all day, so it is a good time for us to rest. He will be joining Bill and I for the last stage of the camino. Today as Bill rested his ankle Matt and I took a walk around Sarria.  It is a National Holiday here in Spain, so everything, except the bars and cafes are closed, and the streets are very quiet. We did get to visit the Convent of la Magdalena, founded in the 13th century as a pilgrim hospital. Run now by the Mercedarian Fathers it is open for a few hours each day for visitors.  The building has had many updates, and is a mixture of styles, according to the tourist information brochure that we were given at the tourist information office, the building is Romanesque in style with a Gothic Facade. To be honest I am not sure I would know the difference.

Convent of la Magdalen_cloister walls_Sarria Spain

pink cloister rose_Convent of la Magdalena_Sarria Spain 

We are back on the road tomorrow. Less that 120 kilometres to walk to Santiago.