Weekly Photochallenge: Street Photography, Merida Spain

Merida, Spain, just before sunrise, March 29, 2014

Merida, Spain, just before sunrise, March 29, 2014 

we were up early this morning, in the off-chance there was a great sunrise. It has been raining on and off again for the last few days, but we always remain hopeful of a beautiful sunrise. On our way to the river and the Roman Bridge, I decided to take this image, I love the light reflecting off the wet streets. There isn’t a lot of street life at this time of day, 7 am, not that early in my books, but it is a Saturday and I guess people were sleeping in.

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Meanwhile I have taken the afternoon off from walking. I will be process some lovely evening and early morning photos we have taken from Merida Spain.


Happy First Day of Spring, from the Via la Plata, Spain

El Castilllo de las Torres, El Real de la Jara

El Castillo de las Torres, El Real de la Jara, Spain

it is the first day of spring, and I must say that Spring in Spain has been wonderful. Most days when we are walking temperatures start about 13 – 15 C and be mid day when we are done around  23 – 25 C. Yesterday we did get a sprinkle of rain, but most days are clear or there is only a light cloud cover. Did I mention it is nice?

It is hard to document the sounds that we hear. At times there has been roosters crowing to walk us up, is sounds pleasant, and I guess it is, but at 4 am not quite so nice! At least some of the goats, sheep, and cows are wearing bells, so we can hear them clang in the distance. The occasional farm dog barks as we go by. Most of the roads are quiet, the occasional car, or tractor, although we have had times where we had to walk on or near the highway, and we had to listen to the cars swish by us at great speed, this was a little unnerving. Most of the time we are walking in the beautiful quiet country side, listening to song of the birds.  A wonderful way to spend a spring day.


in store love and street reflections_IMG_7925

wondering the streets of downtown Calgary, I am always watching the shop windows and the reflections that appear with the display. Sometimes the reflections add to the story, sometimes it doesn’t. This time the two inthe window, look as if they could be standing near a tree in the park, the creature in the left of the image watching them closely.

Reflections; Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Reflections, Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Reflections, Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 

Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance. Morgan Freeman 

The perfect reflection in a pond lets us know just how still the air was the day I took this picture.  It was early one morning in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC. I am not the type of person that sits quietly for too long but this morning was peaceful enough I might have been there for a while had not the ducks arrived and disturbed the water, so a few pictures, and off we went to walk the rest of the park and the seawall.  Vancouver’s Stanley Park is a beautiful place to spend the day.

This photo is pretty much as it was taken from the camera, a little sharpening, was all that was required.  I hope your Monday is a peaceful one!

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Reflections of the Crucifixion of Christ

Reflections of the crucifixion_Santo Domingo de la Calzada

If you have followed the blog for a while you will know that we, Bill and I, walked the Camino to Santiago de Compostela not that long ago.  I am still processing images, and enjoying reliving the days of our walk. During our time  in Santo Domino de la Calzada we had visited the church, and then the museum.  Both were fascinating, are filled with history and artifacts dating back many hundreds of  years.

While museums can be interesting, with lots of things to see and learn about, the stories about the past helping me to imagine what life might have been like during a different times. But visually/photographically they can be a little dull. In some places no photos are allowed, in others lighting is restrictive, and often items are arranged in such a way to make uninteresting photos. With those challenges I often look for reflections to add to the composition. Reflections add a dimension to the image, lifting it from imagination of what photography can be about.

In this image we can see both sides of the Ivory Crucifixion. and because of the light shining on this item it is separated from all the other subject and the room around it, highlighting it in a way that emphasises it’s importance.

A new day, and new city, Oct 20, 2012 in Paris France

We arrived in Paris late last night, no time for seeing the sights. Today was very much an orientation day, finding our way around, getting some groceries, doing laundry and yes catching up on rest. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that we took a walk to just wander near the Seine River, and while it was a little misty at times, the rain was nothing to concern us .

Eiffel tower_ in the clouds

our first sighting of the Eiffel Tower, the top was just barely visible through the clouds, and while the forecast is for rain tonight, and light rain tomorrow the rest of the week promises to be sunny, we will keep our fingers crossed.

boats on the seine river, pont neuf, paris france

A view of the Seine River, and Pont Neuf; the river cruises were busy tonight. Late in the season, the tourists flock enjoy the view of Paris from the river despite the cool and rainy weather.

rainy evening in Paris_Louvre,

The apartment we are renting while visiting Paris is not far from the Louvre, we passed by just after sunset, the city lights were just starting to come on, there were beautiful reflections in the puddles!

My Guitar……..

my guitar has six strings,
it gets lonely when nobody sings,
musical and magical…….Jose Murguia

I don’t have a guitar, and I don’t have a musical bone in my body. People pay not to hear me sing, I am so bad! Can’t carry a tune in a paperbag, so they say. I wish it was different by it isn’t. This picture was taken at the house concert we attended a couple of weeks ago.They were sitting so patiently between sets! The two guitars are sitting on a stand that holds three guitars, so together like this it almost looks like a reflection.   I hope you have time to enjoy the music today.

World Trade Center Memorial Pool, NYC

yesterday was a busy day – we started at the World Trade Center.  Before visiting the site of the memorial pools we went to the ticket center, where there is lots of information, videos, pictures, and stories of the day and lives that were changed forever. the site takes a while to get into – lots of security, and volunteers to answer questions.