The English Channel; early morning seascape

Blue; sky, clouds and ocean

Early morning seascape; copyright jmeyersforeman 

Yesterday was a long day, 11 hours in transit; bus to ferry, ferry across the English Channel,  and finally a train from Portsmouth to Bath. We started our day at 5:30 in the morning and arrived in Bath about 5 pm. I am always amazed at how tired I am on days like this, because it seems the majority of our time is spent sitting watching the world go by, reading and eating, but exhausting it was.

I did promise photos of Caen, and I will get back to those before too long, but we have one day in Bath, so we are  off to visit the Abbey and see the sights. Photos to follow

Reflections of Bordeaux France in the Water Mirror/Miror d’eau

Miror d'eau/(water mirror; Bordeaux France; copyright jmeyersforeman

Miror d’eau/(water mirror; Bordeaux France; copyright jmeyersforeman 

If you have followed the blog for a while you will know that I love reflections and I think that Water Mirror here in Bordeaux is about the best one I have seen so far. One of the reasons it is the best is that it was created expressly for the purpose of reflecting the architecture that surrounds it. Also called the “Miroir des Quais – the Quay Mirror” it covers a massive 3450 m2.

An ingenious computerized water system underneath alternates supplying 2 – 3 cm of water which when drained give the mirror effect alternates with a two meter high fog effect.

mist on the Miror d'eau/(water mirror; Bordeaux France; copyright jmeyersforeman

mist on the Miror d’eau/(water mirror; Bordeaux France; copyright jmeyersforeman 

During the summer the mirror becomes a popular place where both kids and adults play around

kids and reflections in the water mirror; Bordeaux France; copyright jmeyersforeman

kids and reflections in the water mirror; Bordeaux France; copyright jmeyersforeman


Baiona Spain

long exposure, fast moving water

long exposure, fast moving water 

Near Baiona Spain there are a number of beaches, and it is a popular summer resort town, some of the beaches are beautiful sandy beaches suitable for enjoying the sun, watching the waves, and collecting seashells. Some of them are rocky and the waves don’t roll in, they crash in against the rocks, sometimes with big a big splash.

The trick to getting the beautiful white water is a neutral density filter, finding the right setting so catch some of the splash, and not smooth out the water too much is also a consideration, and personal judgement. For me I could sit there all day, watching the waves, trying out different settings, each image a little different. Different not just because of the settings, but on just how the water hits the rocks, if the tide is going out or coming in, the clouds in the sky all change the light on the water! So many variables!

Beach Day; Tarragona Spain

Beach Day

Beach Day

I have read that Tarragona has 15 kilometres of soft sandy beaches along its coastline, and after a couple of days of wandering the city we thought we would head out to the beach is which is just minutes from the apartment we rented for the week.

Ocean View and watching the clouds roll by.

Ocean View and watching the clouds roll by.

More about the beach later.

shades of blue

shades of blue

shades of blue 

This photo was taken on our last trip across the Atlantic Ocean, one of the rainy days, lucky for us there weren’t too many of them. But I have to admit there is something very  meditative about sitting on the deck of a ship looking out in the blue.  With nothing specific to focus on, just the various shades of blue in the water and the sky is calming. Such beauty is enchanting.

On another note, the weather around Calgary the next couple of days is supposed to be wet and rainy.  We will be looking forward to the blue sky the meteorologist has promised by Saturday.


Ferry to Rhodes

Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes

Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes

This photo was taken quite some time ago, when the 6 of us travelled to Greece.  I am slowly getting some of my old slides scanned and uploaded into my hard drive, it is a great trip down memory lane.

We had spent a week on the island of Santorini and we travelling to Mykonos, where we spent the day, then onto Rhodes to spend some time.  Taking the ferry through the islands from Mykonos to Rhodes was an overnight journey, we had cabins, but it is not the most restful sleep. By early morning the ferry is stopping at some of the little island along the way, and we could watch the people, and vehicles, cars, trucks and transports moving on and off the ferry.  There was no time for us to get off the ferry and check out the little towns, hopefully one day we will get to go back and spend a little time exploring.

I love the feel of this black and white image, the girls deep in conversation, almost silhouettes against the view.

Minter Garden, Chilliwack BC.

Water Wheel; Minter Gardens, Chilliwack BC

Water Wheel; Minter Gardens, Chilliwack BC 

Happy Tuesday to everyone, for my fellow Canadians I hope you had a great long weekend. It was great to have an extra day for family and friends, and to use it as needed. In Calgary we had great weather, so we got a little gardening done; some flowers, lettus, peas and tomatoes planted.

This image was taken last summer at the Minter Garden, Chilliwack BC, one of my favourite gardens, I believe it is about 32 acres and I would recommend a sunday visit.



Jeff and JoAnna’s wedding day battle!

water fight on wedding day

Jeff and JoAnna’s wedding day battle

The title might have been a little misleading, but even a water fight is a little unexpected on the typical wedding day! They had fun, and my camera gear stayed dry, two very important points.  This had to have been the most fun I have had at a wedding in a very long time.

My wish for Jeff and JoAnna, may all their battles/fights be this much fun.

Joanna and Jeff, Thank-you

Joanna is a wonderful photographer, and designer, here she has taken two of our favourite photos and created a beautiful thank-you card. As a photographer her work features landscapes, wildlife, rodeo and ranching subject. check out her work at Joanna Lynn Photography 

Inch Strand, Ireland, a sandy 3 mile long beach in Ireland

sandy beach, county Kerry,

Inch Strand, a sandy beach in County Kerry

Along with getting the wedding photos done, I spend a little time each day archiving old photos, and reliving old memories! Today I visited Ireland again, Inch Strand is three miles of sandy beach, so I don’t understand the name.  I guess I will have to do some internet research to learn the story behind the name.  We were there in October a number of years ago, so it wasn’t very busy, maybe someday I will get back to spend sometime in the summer, and to watch the surfers.