Haiku wonderment the mind stops and the heart moves honor for the moment orchids from @inglewoodfloral #dailyhaiku #fridaymotivation

I am fascinated by the beautiful leaves along the pathway. I don’t walk around looking at the ground but these seem to come into my view.

Beauty in nature, created by Mother Nature, photographed and appreciated by yours truly, nothing is ordinary

my calla lilies are blooming, and I wanted to experiment with a painted texture overlay,

The simplest things can be beautiful with the right light.

The simplest things can be beautiful with the right light. I experimented and painted the backdrop this week. It seems there is always something new and interesting to explore even during this strange time of self-isolation and physical distancing. What great things have you been reading, learning, or exploring?


The things I put in my pocket while I am out for a walk!

I picked these up last summer while visiting family in Ontario. The magic of #macro #photography with a dark background