Karen and Jon on the Bridge in Fish Creek Provincial Park

More great fun with Karen and Jon. We had a great time on Sunday and I will be posting a few more images before the week is over

Karen and Jon – Snow Angels

Karen and Jon having fun in the snow!

Karen and Jon Engagement Session

I love the look of the black and white images, both Karen and Jon smile easily.  They really didn’t seem to mind the cold, or sitting in the snow, lucky for us it wasn’t windy in Fish Creek Provincial Park when we were there.  Karen and Jon smile easily and were a lot of fun to spend time with.

Karen and Jon

White Lily

There were several white lilies in the flower arrangment from Bill, they popped open and look fantastic, and you can smell them the minute you walk into the house.

Karen and Jon Mar 27, 2011 Fishcreek Provincial Park

Karen and Jon

Karen and Jon were all smiles as they talked about the wedding plans, they didn’t seem to notice the cold at all.

Karen and Jon

I had a great morning with Karen and Jon.  We wandered the pathways of Fish Creek Provincil Park in south Calgary, there was lots of fresh snow, a couple of deer, and plenty of runners out using the pathways! 

We had a great time playing in the snow, and catching up on their wedding plans.  I understand the invitations are going otu shortly.  I have been working on their photos and there are plenty to share so I will be posting new photos as the week goes on.  Stay tuned  you too might see the deer or a snow angel………..

White Chrysthemum

I received a lovely bouquet of white flowers on the weekend from my wonderful husband Bill. The flowers were all so beautiful, that I am going to try to get an photo a day until they are are gone, hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do.  One of my favorite flowers is the feathery chrysthemum, with its fine delicate petals curving outward.