Grand Centeral Terminal, NYC

The Grand Central Terminal is one of my favorite places to visit. Fom the Grand Central Market, with it’s amazing take home food, wine and flowers, to the casual dining in the lower food court, to the amazing restuarants you can find almost anything to enjoy while you relax and people watch.  Amazing food and people watching isn’t the only thing to enjoy at the Terminal.  The arachitectures is inspiring, take for example the ceiling in the Main Concourse.

The  mural of the stars, is one of Grand Central Terminal’s most famous features. Visitors will notice that the zodiac on the ceiling is depicted backwards. Some have speculated that this was a mistake by the artist, Paul Helleu.  To official documents indicated that the painter was inspired by a medieval manuscript that showed the heavens as they would have been seen from outside the celestial sphere.

This photo was taken with a fisheye lens, the only one that allowed me to get the whole ceiling in one frame.

Barcelona Mime – Golden Angel

Barcelona is such an amazing place to visit, if you go there you will find so much to see.  One of my favorite places to walk and people watch was the La Rambla, it is Barcelona’s most famous street  A broad pedestrian boulevard lined with cafes and stands selling everything from tourist items, flowers and even birds! 

Also lining the streets you will find Mimes, of every description,  Isabelle’s Travel Guide is a good place to start your research on Barcelona if you are thinking about a trip to this amazing city.

Dear Old Friend

 Old Friend

i often wonder how you are

are you well


do you find joy in each day

is there laughter in your life

is there love

then i realize how long it has been

since we last spoke…

is it for me to ask

for me to know….

I hope you are well.

It may come as a surprise to some that I do write poetry, or at least what I call poetry, because I rarely share it!

Today the image and words came together for me.  I wonder what old friend might read this and be motivated to pick up the phone or send an email. I wonder, is there an old friend that you would like to hear from that maybe you should call?

Baby Slippers

More experimenting with lighting, still life images, and black and white.  To add to the challenge I thought I would add a reflection.

Kayla, Calgary Model shoot

I’m posting this photo to try to win a free spot in the FunkyTown Destination Wedding Photography Workshop. Find out more here:

Ms. M, cool, confident and divine!

The Amazing and Diving Ms M.  it was great to work with you, the practise posing and try different lighting conditions.  Your images are almost all done now, and we can get together again over lunch to discuss our next project!

Magnolia Blooms

I love the color of Magnolia Blooms, and I love to sit under the tree on a sunny spring day, and stare up a the pink cloud above me.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the Magnolia tree does not  grow where  I live.  It is unfortunate in that I don’t get to see the beautiful blooms very often, but it is fortunate that I have had the opportunity to sit under the beautiful tree in spring and maybe because it doesn’t happen every spring for me I stop and enjoy the beauty just a little longer.  It reminds me that I should take a little more time, here at home to see and enjoy the beauty that is around me.

I hope you found beauty and joy in your day.

Wurzberg Alte Mainbrucke Saints

Bill and I have been home from Würzburg Germany for about 2 weeks now, I have taken a few minutes out of this busy Easter Weekend to review the photos and convert some to black and white.  This photo was taken looking east towards the Old Town Hall,  The Alte Mainbrucke is lined with Saints as if to guard the entrance into the pedestrian area of Würzburg.

Karen and Jon at Fish Creek Park

Yes Karen and Jon I am finally finished editing all your photos! you can see more of those images – but not all of them on my flicker site.  We need to find time to meet so we can go over all the photos together.