Wurzberg Germany, Bishop Statue

Bill and I left Calgary about 6 pm friday April 1st. after dinner and movie and a short nap we were served breakfast and arrived in Frankfurt at about 11 am april 2, 2011 (local time) this is about 3 am at home! A stroll through the Frankfurt airport to clear customs, pick up bags and walk to the Frankfurt train station we boarded the 12:02 train to Würzburg.

I might have slept if not for the 7-year-old boy behind me that was watching a movie on his dvd player without a head set; he had so much fun and  made a galant effort to fight with the superhero every bad guy that showed up on the screen.

By 1:30 pm we were in Würzburg and by 2:30 checked in to our hotel.  After some lunch and a short rest we decided to wander the streets and forage for food.   We wandered over to the Alte Mainbrucke a pedestrian bridge erected between 1473 and 1543 in place of an old Romanesque bridge.  The statues of the Saints were added around 1730. You can see the Fortress Marienberg on the hill. and we will be taking a tour through the lovely fortress, museums and gardens tomorrow.

Along and near the bridge were several restaurants, people were enjoying the local white wine and the sun. It was great to see even through we are exhausted from our flight.  If our plan works out it will be early to bed tonight (soon) a good night sleep and refreshed for tomorrow.


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