The Residence of Wurzberg Germany

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Sunday April 3, 2011 Bill and I had a great day in Würzburg.  One of the site we toured was “The Residence in Würzburg”  Napoleon called it the “loveliest parsonage in Europe” and UNESCO made it a world heritage site in 1981.  No photos were allowed of the interior which has been completely restored.  On Mar 16, 1945 Würzburg was bombed and the Residence was completely destroyed.  Since that time, with the aid of documents and photographs about 30 of the 300 rooms have been restored.

Here are a couple of  pictures of the garden, and exterior. Unlike home spring here is well on its way many of the trees are starting to leaf out, some are even blooming. The daffodils are blooming, pansies have been planted, and it was lovely to be in the garden.


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