Magnolia Blooms

I love the color of Magnolia Blooms, and I love to sit under the tree on a sunny spring day, and stare up a the pink cloud above me.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the Magnolia tree does not  grow where  I live.  It is unfortunate in that I don’t get to see the beautiful blooms very often, but it is fortunate that I have had the opportunity to sit under the beautiful tree in spring and maybe because it doesn’t happen every spring for me I stop and enjoy the beauty just a little longer.  It reminds me that I should take a little more time, here at home to see and enjoy the beauty that is around me.

I hope you found beauty and joy in your day.


9 thoughts on “Magnolia Blooms

  1. We are going to do big stickers on windows in our new SPA salon. It would be inside the SPA near reception area. Our designer told that resolution after 2700 by 1800 pixels would be good when we will print it out.
    We have 3 windows 90 inches hight and 30 inches width each, separated by wall. And we’d like to divide the picture for 3 parts and stick it. It will be the big picture, divided by thin parts of wall.
    Your’s photo is exactly what we need. Colors and flowers are fits perfectly to our interior design.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Beth, I am glad you like the image, I love magnolias, we can’t grow them here in Calgary so when I do get to see them blooming it is even more special. thanks for dropping by for a visit!


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