Karen and Jon, engaged and soon to be married


It was really nice to spend time with Karen and Jon, get to know them a little better. They are excited about the wedding. Karen and I were talking about how much there is to do when planning a wedding.  Thing to think about, people to talk to and co-ordinate, so many people and things to consider. Then I gave her one more………….

I asked her to think about how much time we would have between the wedding ceremony and the reception, and what order we should do the formal group/family and portrait shots, and of course the stickiest question, who is in what group, how many groups, and (my favorite) who in the family or wedding party can she give a list to, that will help me keep track of the groups and get them organized.  Just something else to think about and talk to her family about.

I will meet Karen and Jon at the rehearsal, this is where I hope to meet everyone, and we are hoping to check out the locations for portraits before the reception.


Karen & Jon, Prince’s Island Park May 15, 2011

The week has been so busy, it seems that time goes by so fast I can hardly keep up somedays. The list of things to do gets longer with each task I tick off as done! But on Sunday I was able to spend some time at Prince’s Island Park, downtown Calgary with Karen and Jon.  It was great to spend some time with them again, explore the park and find some great places for the photos.

I will be posting more photos as the days go by, and tell you a little bit more about Karen and Jon and about some of the great spots located on the island known as Princes Island Park.  Here Jon and Karen found a quiet place among the trees, it would make a great picnic spot in the summer.

Mother’s Day

One of my favorite pictures from the Mother’s Day Walk.  I had a great day with the family, first the walk then we got all dressed up for Brunch.

Kissing Couple, black and white abstract portrait


It is interesting what you can do with a photo.  By taking a traditional photo turning it into a graphic images and printed on canvas we can create a personalized piece of art that can’t be found anywhere else. The possibilities are endless. Drop me a line, let me know what you think.

Along time ago, in a land far far away!

It seems like a long time ago that Bill and I were on the Holland America Cruise, enjoying the sunshine of the Caribbean, and it seems like we missed spring here in Calgary, it is the middle of May and the daffodils in my neighbor’s yard are just coming up!  Today the weather forecast is for rain, so I went looking for sunshine in my photos! I am going to go sit in the sauna where it is warm, close my eyes and pretend I am somewhere else for 20 minutes!

Best Man, Young People as part of a Wedding Party!

This young man had the cutest face, even when he wasn’t happy.  I was lucky to be the second shooter at this wedding, because I could stand back a little and catch people a little more relaxed and a little les guarded and without their “cheese” smile.  The little gentleman was a natural in front of the camera as long as he didn’t have to sit a specific way, in a specific spot, with specific people! What can I say, he didn’t like doing the group shots!

I don’t think anyone likes doing the group/family shots, they can look posed, and oh so 80’s! But for some families they are a must, the whole family is usually at the big event, everyone is dressed up and looking their best.  In fact some people clean up so well, you don’t even recognized with all the “spit and polish” a phrase my dad likes to use when he sees people all dressed up.  He learned to polish his shoes the old fashion way.

Group shots, and a few thoughts about planning your group shots. Think about and talk to your photographer about the group and family shots you want and that are important to you. How much time do you have, who will be with whom, how many different groups, and where they will be taken.

If you have young people as part of your wedding party, or expected as part of the family photos talk to them ahead of time, let them know what is expected, and how much time it will take.  Just like your friends who have never been a part of a wedding, they need to know what the plan is and possibly what the reward is. For us, once the group/family/portraits are done then we can go on to the reception and the celebration, what will be their reward?

Introduce your photographer to the young people, ahead of time, possibly at the rehearsal.  Let the kids know that it is alright that this person is going to be working with you and them to get some special photos.  Often we tell our children not to talk to strangers, so having a photographer/stranger in the crowd who is friendly, chatty, and asking them to move here, or there, look this way or that is a bit of a mixed message that should be discussed ahead of time. Help them learn safe boundaries around this new person, again so they understand what is expected.

Snacks and drinks are a good idea, for everyone but especially the kids. Routines are broken during the wedding day, and we don’t get to eat, drink or sleep as we usually would. This can be disastrous for some kids, even some adults, so plan ahead.  Keep the snacks clean, drinks clear or light, and hand wipes handy!

Weddings are long days for all of us, especially old folks and kids, plan for the best, prepare for the worst, and remember that 20 years or so, when you are attending a special event for that very special young person, you will have a great picture to give them as a memory, and sometimes the funnier the face the better!

Mother’s Day Sunflower

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and it was wonderful.  I got to spend part of the day with my family.  One of our family traditions is to participate in the Forzani’s Mother’s Day Walk/Run.  I think we have participated almost every year since about 1997, we did miss one year.  Some years we have run, some we have walked, this year we walked!

After the run, we met up again for brunch, and the girls bought me flowers (amoung other things). This morning I photographed the Sunflower, and the beautiful delicate petals Continue reading “Mother’s Day Sunflower”


While it has been a busy week, I did stop to enjoy the spring tulips in my front yard.

I didn’t want to pick the flowers, I wanted them to last as long as possible in the front garden.  So everyday I can go out the front door, I can spend a few minutes and enjoy spring!  For this photo I was using my macro lens, down on my hands and knees, forehead almost on the ground.  I was holding my breath trying to steady the camera, yes I should have been using a tripod, but I was already late for work, no time to get it out of the closet.

I am happy with the results, I hope you have a great day!