Spring Apple Blossom


Yesterday the sun was shining, people were out enjoying the parks and pathways.  I was out enjoying the flowers. In the backyard we have an apple tree, still small, only a couple of years old. It is covered with small white flowers, that are just starting to open, and it is beautiful.  We have never had fruit off the tree, frost has always killed off the buds, this year is a late bloom and we are hopeful. 

 That is spring, lots of beautiful flowers, and hope for the coming crop! What did you enjoy yesterday?


28 thoughts on “Spring Apple Blossom

  1. The stark contrast between the background and the center of the blossom really jumps out at you. It is like the blossom is saying… “Watch out world… here I come… you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!”

    This is a very nice representation of hope.



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