Erin in highkey lighting. I have wanted to try this in my little  studio for quite sometime,  and Erin was willing to sit for me, and I am grateful.  I am not sure I have it quite right yet, but I have some lovely photos for the effort all the same.  Thanks Erin for you help, I hope you like the results as much as I do.

Time Travelling……….Memories


This picture was taken nearly three years ago when Erin Keri and I visited San Francisco, I love looking at the old pictures, this one reminds me of the great trip we had. It was November and it was a little cold in the wind. Of course there were times during our three-day visit  it was foggy, but we were in San Fransisco so we expected that.  We travelled to and saw all the usual sites and we have lots of great pictures.  This is one of my favorites. 

Yes, the blue eyes is their real color, they are not photoshopped!  They don’t always look this blue, and sometimes they can even look a little grey.  It all depends on the light, and of course their mood!!!!!

Photographs and memories, just like time travelling.

Santa Maria della Salute, Venice Italy, Vintage Photo

Our first view of Venice as we appoached St. Mark’s Square the view from the  ferry was of Santa Maria della Salute, with the Gondalier, it was magical and I could image what it looked like 100 years ago! With that in mind I wanted to process the image as an old photograph.

Santa Maria della Salute

The photo can be purchased check Pure Photo for details.

Begonia’s are blooming

The begonia’s are blooming; I love all the delicate layers of  pedals and subtle color.  It seems that each day there are new flowers in the garden to enjoy.

Veronica, Calgary Portrait Photography

Veronica, standing in a stairwell.  Veronica spent a couple of hours with us on Saturday looking beautiful. One of the great advantage of participating in a workshop is the opportunity to try out new ideas and experiment.  Models are there to help, they know posing and are comfortable in front of a camera, and will stand and wait while you work out any ideas that you have. Having said that, it is a good idea to have a plan and use the time and resources effectively for learning and building a porfolio

Alexis, Spring in Calgary

More photos from the Funky Town Wedding Photography Workshop.  Christina Craft covered so many topics and provided lots of valuable information.  She is full of great energy, she kept people involved asking and answering questions and helping with demonstrations.  She provided lots of time and information about shooting brides, along with two great modes.  We found several difficult, but great location for doing portraits; we talked about working with available light, and using video light off camera flash.  We covered more things than can be mentioned in this short blog!

In short she and the workshop were inspiring, I learned a lot, and I am sure with time to review the day and the material I will be even happier that I made the investment.

Alexis, Calgary Model, Funkytown Wedding workshop

Alexis worked very hard for us on Saturday at the Funkytown Wedding workshop.  It was cold, and we were in a big parkade, but she was a trooper!

Here I had a big cement wall and thought I would try something a little different, I have started experimenting with textures a bit, I am still trying to decide if I like it. Let me know what you think.

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

Alexis, Funkytown Photography Workshop, Calgary Alberta

Alexis was one of the other models that we were working with on Saturday at the Funky Town Wedding Workshop in Calgary, she was wonderful, and we had a great time walking around the SAIT Campus working in different lighting conditions, on composition and posing, it was a great day.

Veronica, Funkytown Wedding Workshop, Calgary Alberta


Veronica is beautiful, and even better than that she worked hard for at least a couple of  hours.  First we were outside, then we were in a cold parkade, here she is laying on the cement floor!  I owe her a big thank you work her hard work during the workshop.  She would try anything for us!

thanks so much Veronica.

Christina Craft Photography Workshop, Calgary Ablerta,

I was lucky enough to participate in a wedding photography workshop lead by Christina Craft from Funky Town Photography yesterday.  No only did I learn a lot, I was able to practise a lot,  we had two great models dressed in beautiful wedding dresses. I will likely spend part of next week going over what I learned, and processing and posting some of those images.

I was also able to meet a lot of great Alberta photographers, some were from Canmore, Camrose, Lethbridge and Edmonton.  It was great to spend the day working with them, as well as the models.  There was lots of great participation, as well as conversation as I learned a lot from everyone there.

Erika, pictured here is not one of the models but one of the other photographers that “posed” for us while we experimented with the video light.  I think I going to have to get one of those lights!