Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC

Coal Harbour Vancouver, British Columbia, one of our favorite places to visit and spend time when visiting Vancouver.
The Coal Harbour land area is situated just west of the downtown core along the waterfront from Canada Place on the east to Stanley Park on the West.  It is a great place for a morning coffee, stroll, job or bike ride.  You can see the cruise ships and boats of all sizes, float plans coming and going.


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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Cultural Garden

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Classical Chinese Garden a beautiful place in the middle of Vancouver to spend a quiet time.  With weathered rocks, reflective water, quiet gardens of plants, and  architecture, that are symbolic of the landscapes.

The Dr. SunYat-Sen Garden Socety is a non-profit organization with the mandate to bridge the understanding between Chinese and Western cultures. It is inspiring to see each season, it all types of weather, well worth a visit if you are in the Vancouver area.

One photo; two ideas, two images.

  Dream butterfly and lunch butterfly 

I took the 2nd image shown here at the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West Florida.  

I converted the images above to a black and white image and then worked in one of Kim Klassen’s textures.  

I am not sure which one I like best.

 I have enjoyed visiting the Kim Klassen Cafe, I have learned a lot, and I have been inspired.  

If you are interested in learning more I would recommend checking out the site, there are lots of tutorials, samples and information 

Window Display, Creative Vision or Creative View?

I am often surprised and amazed at the creativity of other people, and this windown is a great example of both the creativity and inspiring ways we decorate our world and bring a little personality to the world.

I spotted this creative window while walking in Ireland, a couple of years ago, I regret not noting which seaside town we were in. I did note that this was not a store front, but a private home, and someone had taken the time to color and decorate his home and our world!  Beauty and creativity is everywhere, I enjoy finding it and celebrating it!


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Carousel Ponies; Whimsical, Romantic, and needing tender loving care

I love carousel ponies, there is something whimsical and romantic about the rides, maybe it comes from the movies I have seen, maybe it is the stories I have read.  These two ponies were off the ride, laying in the repair shop waiting for some tender loving care.

In Calgary we can find an old fashion Carousel ride at Heritage Park, Calaway Park and Chinook Center, and if you visit the National Carousel Association site you can see a map showing all the carousel’s in North America, just in case you are outside the Calgary Area.

Weekly photo challenge:  Broken

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Looking at me, looking at you!

I love to visit the botanical gardens, especially when there is a butterfly collection. It is a great place to practise macro shots. This little guy seemed as interested in me as I was in him!  He just sat and watched as I inched closer and closer trying to fill the frame, and get the perfect shot.  After I had taken several shots, all the while him posing perfectly, I moved on.  It was then that I realized it wasn’t me he was looking at, he was admiring himself or at least his reflection in then lens of my camera!

The Calgary Zoo has a great conservatory with a butterfly collection and zoo, it is a great place to visit, the kids are fascinated by the butterflies.  I know that most people don’t think of going to the zoo if the weather isn’t great, but if you have a membership and can pop in whenever you want, then I would highly recommend this place when the weather is bad and the kids need to get out of the house!

This little guy was photographed at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory and it was filled with beautiful butterflies, flowers, and displays. I would highly recommend it as a must see if you are visiting Key West Florida.

Memories; My girls, and simple everyday moments of joy

I have been spending some time organizing old photos, and I am finding that the task is much harder that I expected, as I find myself stopping and thinking about what was going on at the time it was taken.  It has been a great opportunity to revisit not only some great memories, but some simple everyday moments.

Here the girls are sitting on the front grass, and it would seem from the picture that they are waiting for someone.  It could be that they were expecting one of their friends for a visit, maybe grandparents from out of town, or they could have been waiting for their dad to come home from work!  But they do seem to be having a good visit, as they sit and watch from the front corner of the yard.

I think of all my possessions my photos are the most valuable for me.  They remind me of the simple joy of those times.

Karen and Jon, Prince’s Island Park, Calgary Alberta

It has been a while since I met with Karen and Jon at Prince’s Island for their engagement photos, at that time they had not yet made decisions on all of the wedding details.   I am curious about so many details I think I will have to arrange lunch in the next couple of weeks, so I can hear all about their plans and expectations for the day!  I need to get the names of those in their wedding party, and all the family names, as well as find out how many family portraits we need to make time for.  There are so many details that are important to know about before the big day, I think lunch is definitely due!

Bill at Sunday Brunch at the Bottlehouse in Kensington

I feel sorry for Bill sometimes, we had gone for a long walk along the Bow River Sunday morning, it was a beautiful Sunday morning, and around noon we decided we were ready to get off our feet for a while. We stopped in at the Bottlehouse in Kensington, just along Memorial Drive and  10 St. NW.  We had been there for Mother’s Day Brunch with the girls and knew the Eggs Benedict were pretty good.

I know so far you are still trying to figure out why I would feel sorry for Bill sometimes, as some of you might know I, like a lot of photographers I carry my camera most of the time. Lots of time it never leaves the bag, but just when you least expect it out it will come.  For Bill it seems to happen when we are in a restaurant.  Part of it might be due to the fact we have a quiet moment, sitting across the table from each other, with busy lives that doesn’t seem to happens as often as it should.  But the other things that I have noticed a lot of restaurants, the window light makes for great portraits.

This one pretty much straight from the camera, using my Canon 100 mm macro lens makes for a tight shot, the widow was south-facing, and screened with a shade that filtered the light.  I usually only get a couple of shots where the expression is completely natural, which is what I prefer before I have to put the camera away.  It is a great way to be aware and study the light.

Button 125x125

Upside Down and Backwards! Reflections and Life

I have this glass ball hanging in the garden on what looks like a spring, when the wind turns the spring it looks like the glass ball is moving up and down, it is an illusion! The glass ball also mirrors the world, but the image in it is upside down and backwards.  It is, at least for me, quite fascinating to study the view and I was reminded again how things aren’t always as they seem, our personal perspective shapes what we see, and is shaped by how we look at things, and I should try to look at things from more that one perspective occasionally.

I hope your view is a good one!