Calgary Stampede Cowboy

the Calgary Stampede is on and people are having a great time once again!

While I am spending some time helping out with the Western Photo Gallery  I have had some time to attend the Stampede and do some photography.  I am hoping as the week goes by that work isn’t too busy and I can spend more time down at the grounds enjoying the sights, sounds, food, and entertainment.


4 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede Cowboy

    1. Hi Genie,
      thanks for visiting, and taking time to comment, I am glad you like the photo, I have been learning a lot about photoshop, textures, and actions lately and really enjoying making each image unique! Your kind comments are appreciated.


  1. What a cool shot. I really like your processing…it is so unique and eye catching. Good job. Hope you are enjoying yourself and learning a lot. Genie


  2. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine the words “free” and “calgary stampede” together, but according to this little gem, (linkedy here, if you’d like to see this year’s festivities can be more wallet-friendly than ever. Sure, the main events and food stands do a stellar job of draining the good ol’ pocket book, but with a bit of planning, I’d bet one can have a pretty affordable bit of western fun.

    Just a thought.


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