Shooting Star

I have a small patch of wildflowers in the front yard, and they are blooming, lots of pretty white and blue flowers right now. I am not sure what these flowers are called, I call them “Shooting Stars”  if you know their real name, let me know.  I have always loved these flowers, but they point down and they are about 6 – 8 inches off the ground.  So I was laying on the ground shooting up into the blue sky.  I took advantage of the sunshine in the corner for a little sun flare.  The shooting stars look great from this point of view, and it reminded me that I should try to look at things from a different angle once in a while.


6 thoughts on “Shooting Star

    1. thanks for the info, I will check the web for more information! the seeds came is a wildflower packet and they are beautiful to photograph, so if I can use them in salad’s all the better!


  1. I like the unique perspective and light on this. It has a fresh, clean feeling to it that conveys the best of summer. Very pretty (and that is a compliment not meant to be trite – I enjoy pretty floral photographs!).


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