Looking at me, looking at you!

I love to visit the botanical gardens, especially when there is a butterfly collection. It is a great place to practise macro shots. This little guy seemed as interested in me as I was in him!  He just sat and watched as I inched closer and closer trying to fill the frame, and get the perfect shot.  After I had taken several shots, all the while him posing perfectly, I moved on.  It was then that I realized it wasn’t me he was looking at, he was admiring himself or at least his reflection in then lens of my camera!

The Calgary Zoo has a great conservatory with a butterfly collection and zoo, it is a great place to visit, the kids are fascinated by the butterflies.  I know that most people don’t think of going to the zoo if the weather isn’t great, but if you have a membership and can pop in whenever you want, then I would highly recommend this place when the weather is bad and the kids need to get out of the house!

This little guy was photographed at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory and it was filled with beautiful butterflies, flowers, and displays. I would highly recommend it as a must see if you are visiting Key West Florida.


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