Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC

Coal Harbour Vancouver, British Columbia, one of our favorite places to visit and spend time when visiting Vancouver.
The Coal Harbour land area is situated just west of the downtown core along the waterfront from Canada Place on the east to Stanley Park on the West.  It is a great place for a morning coffee, stroll, job or bike ride.  You can see the cruise ships and boats of all sizes, float plans coming and going.


posted on Walk in New York, walk the streets challenge –  check out some of the other great images.


8 thoughts on “Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC

  1. Hey, nice photo..interesting how the reflection shows more than what is in the whole picture! I entered the photo challenge too! I love it when Marie does these…I think giving a month is a great idea…hard to do it any more…just getting to my two blogs and my facebook along with my emails is plenty time consuming. Nice to see other photographers works. Smiles, Maria


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