Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Garden

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Garden filled with reflective ponds, winding walkways, flowering gardens, sculpted rocks is a great place to visit and enjoy a quiet beauty that is not often found within the city limits. There are two parts to the garden, a public garden that is open and free to those who want to enjoy this special place. There is also a historic park next to the public garden, that has special displays and information to learn more about the culture and the building of the park. This is one place that Bill and I like to visit when we are in Vancouver, to sit and enjoy a quiet time.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Garden

  1. Hi Janice – Rachel & I were in Edmonton for the long weekend & stopped by the Devonian Gardens just outside of Devon, a small town south of Edmonton near the international airport. Have you ever been there? Here is the website: http://www.ales.ualberta.ca/devonian/

    They have a Japanese Garden there, too along with a Rose Garden, Herb garden, Native Garden, etc.

    Hope yer havin’ a great summer.


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