What are you waiting for?

Street photography is something that has always intrigued me, at the same time it strikes terror into my heart.  As I wander around with my camera I see so many interesting people doing interesting things some I have photographed, others I have let pass.  I spotted these gentlemen sitting on the opposite train platform waiting for their train, having quite a visit.  I had the camera sitting on my lap, and clicked a couple of frames.  I can’t be sure if the two gentleman noticed I had taken a picture, I had been sitting with three very pretty young ladies, so I think they were looking at them, not me!

The dilemma about street photography is taking pictures of people unaware and using them in appropriately, but there are times when asking permission spoils the moment. I try to be sensitive to quiet emotional moments.  But I do want to catch the very real moment, and once you have gotten someone’s attention or asked permission they do become at least a self-conscious, and it does take a while for them to relax again. But without permission you cannot judge how someone will react to having their photo taken without permission.

There have been times when I have grabbed the shot, and then spoken to people, deleting if necessary, emailing copies when asked.  But I have to say that this is still an area that intimidates me, and that I have promised my-self that I would work on street photography!  I have realized that I can’t wait to be more comfortable, I have to work at this and become more comfortable!

I have also decided to participate in the postaday2011 challenge.  I have been posting regularly for quite some time and convinced myself I can manage this goal successfully, so I am now making the committment.

What are you waiting for………………


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