Carly, in her little slice of heaven!

I spent Sunday evening with Carly and her friends in her own little heaven. It was a great night, watching her groom, feed and talk to her horses. Carley has three horses and a new colt so there was lots to do, and take pictures of.  For this photo I wanted try a black and white photo, but found the contrast too stark, so I decided to warm it with a “honey” layer as the traditional sepia or antique type colors didn’t seem right either.   The “honey” layer helps to keep the glow of the warm evening sun and seems to work best of all the options I tried last night!  What do you think, does it work?

During this photo session I learned that it is harder to work with animals than it was working with kids! But I think with practise it would get easier…….. I have linked this back to Click it up a notch, a great blog about photography


4 thoughts on “Carly, in her little slice of heaven!

  1. Beautiful photo and processing! Love the warm B&W, I often try warmer B&Ws too because I find straight B&W can be a bit too cold and stark, this really suits and looks warm and golden.


  2. Wow!! Look at your beautiful lens flare!! It adds so much to this image!! I love the lines of the horse and the connection to your friend! What a wonderful subject to photograph! I need to find myself a horse :O) Thanks so much for linking up and for the sweet words about my blog!! Looking forward to see what you learn each week!! I agree…animals are hard :O)


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