Dubrovnik, The Renaissance workshop with Jovic & Beckstead

One of the beautiful models we worked with in Dubrovnik, I can’t decide if I like the black and white image or the color image?  let me know what you like……….

Spaghetteria Toni, Dubrovnik Crotia Restaurant

During our stay in Dubrovnik Toni’s Spagetti was highly recommended, off one of the little laneways just off the Stratun it is easy to find – but you do have to pass at least one pizza joint – and it is hard to tell where one restaurant stops and another one starts, it is worth the time to find.  The food is fresh, well cooked and simple, and a great idea when looking for something other than seafood!  The staff is very friendly, give it a try and tell them I sent you!

The Renaissance workshop with Jovic & Beckstead, Dubrovnik


I had such a great day at the workshop and could hardly get to sleep last night!  We spent the morning going over images from everyone, David and Gordon providing very positive and helpful information and critiquc, then we were out shooting for about 5 hrs.  As David said learning to play with light, challenging our knowledge, our gear as well as our comfort zone.  I can hardly wait to see what we do today!

Dubrovnik Wedding Workshop Day 1


I spent the day with David Beckstead and Gordon Jovic and about 28 other people working with a several models and learning how to take better photos.

terrace restaurant, Dubrovnik

Wandering the streets of Dubrovnik yesterday we found this wonderful little terrace restuarant near the city wall, we have’t yet had time to try out the food, but hopefully tonight after the workshop, if I am not too tired.  There is about 8 flights of very steep steps up to the restuarnt.   The reward, other than the food will be the view, so you can be pretty sure that I will make the walk and hope to have a picture tomorrow for you.

Dubrovnik at night

Bill and I went for a walk down the streets of Dubrovnik late at night – the ice cream was almost as amazing as the view!  People sitting at the tables, cobblestone streets, great light, warm air, it was wonderful evening.

Jazz In Dubrovnik

Bill and I went out for breakfast, well bruch actually.  The Stadun or main street in the old town of Dubrovnik is lined with cafes, we choose a table new are St Blaise’s Church.  These guys were playing Jazz for the crowd, a great way to start the day. They were selling cd’s but unfortunately I didn’t pick one up or get the name of the band!  I thought they would be there for a while, left to see Rector’s Place, and when we came back to the street they were gone.  Maybe they will be back tomorrow.

oct 7, 2011 – I have since been in touch with the double base player, the group is called the Dubrovnik Jazz Trio you can hear their music at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ5KxFLIWNM, give them a listen!

Croatian Folk Dancers

Last night we attended the cultural center in Dubrovnik, just outside the city walls, a short walk from our apartment to watch the Croatian folk dancers. Katrina, the young girl who is our hostess dances with the group and told us about the show.  It was a great evening. 100 Kuna per person, I am still not sure what that means in thers of my money – but it is about 13 Euro!

Dubrovnik at Sunset

Don’t picture fool you there are lots of great beaches, this is a little bar where you can sit among the rocks and watch the sunset.  There are not more that a table or two on each rock and the rope light shows you were to walk, the view is spectacular.

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Venice Gondolas

Venice Italy at sunrise, a quiet morning, before the tourists are up and about, the gondolas rocking quietly with the waves.

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