Mushrooms in my backyard!

These mushrooms have been popping up in my back yard all summer.  They are only about one inch tall, which makes them both facinating and awkward to photograph!.


9 thoughts on “Mushrooms in my backyard!

  1. I have just a big fascination with mushrooms as you (it seems). I love the texture and look of mushrooms and I’ll always try to get an image from a upwards angle to get an interesting angle. Awesome photo =)


  2. I so love this picture. I was writing a random post on mushrooms and found yours when I googled mushroom photography. So, I included your picture and link in my post (hope that was ok). I’ve never seen your site before, but I see we follow many of the same people. Small blogging world after all, lol! Here is the post that mentions you if you want to see it:


    1. Hi Nato, it is nice to hear you like the image, and that you were able to use it for you blog. I appreciate comments. and your link to my blog. it is a small blogging world, with plenty of great photographers. I am off to check out your post, and blog.

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