Portrait – Costa Rican Potter

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen………….Leonardo da Vinci

Bill and I visited Costa Rica a few years a ago, one of the people we met and visited with was this gentleman, unfortunately I didn’t get his name. We were able to watch him as he made pots. His pottery wheel was made a bike wheel, and powered by a foot petal.  He used a small corn cob and small pieces of tubbing to help shape his pots. It was amazing to watch and he was kind enough to let me take several pictures as he worked.

His English slightly better than my Spanish, but we managed to communicate with a form of charades, smiles and good will. While I didn’t get his name, I did get a beautiful pot and several pictures to bring home!

I think  pottery and photography could be in the same category as painting and used interchageably in Leonardo da Vinci’s quote, don’t you?


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