Mime, Central Park NYC

Mimes are fascinating to watch – the detail in the costumes, the time for their make-up, then they stand very still, almost frozen in time, for a while.  Yet they wait and watch the crowd watch them, then at the right moment interacting and entertaining the crowds.  This lady was in New York City, Central Park, it was a cool afternoon, while the crowds didn’t stay long to enjoy her show, plenty of the onlookers rewarded her efforts.

I have been revisiting some of my old photos – cataloguing, keywording, organizing and editing as I move everything to a new hard drive!  It has been fun revisiting the sites, the sounds and the smiles of the past and it is something I will continue to do periodically as time allows.  I hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane.

more photos available at jmeyerforemanphotography 



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