Bacino Orseole, gondola’s and reflections of Venice

Reflections of Italy……….

I spent the weekend working on holiday pictures, and reflecting on the trip to Venice. Most mornings we were up early, enjoyed the sunrise, and the streets before the tourists were out for breakfast.

Here the gondolas are moored at the Bacino Orseole, stored during the night or on rainy days, by mid morning there is a line up of tourists waiting for a ride through the canals.


Missing the clouds

I have been stuck in side, in the basement infact, trying to catch up on papework, processing, filing and general household duties and I am missing the fresh air,  the sunshine (I assume the sun is shining) and the clouds, but it does feel good to whittle away on the “to do” list.  I will be heading out shortly to see the clouds, and maybe the sunset.

I hope you are having a great day, and if possible getting out and enjoying the fresh air and view.

Calgary, 10 st.nw pedestrian and lrt bridge

It is Friday, and it is cooler to day than it has been all week!

Winter is just around the corner I can feel it.

This is the pedestrian bridge and 10 St. andMemorial Dr. NW,  Calgary Alberta. The photo was taken with a wide angle lens and not really as long as it looks.

Center St. Bridge and Downtown Calgary

Another beautiful view of downtown Calgary,  just off Memorial Dr. and just below the Center Street lower deck.  I will have to admit that I didn’t take this yesterday morning…………my alarm clock, aka Bill, slept in! yes you heard it hear.  Bill had a late meeting (8am) at another office and rather than go to his office at the usual  7am he decided to sleep it.  But didn’t tell me – so I too was running late and didn’t get out for photos before heading on my own round of appointments.

Tomorrow is a new day – there will be another sunrise – and I plan on seeing it.

Pedestrian Bridge, Prince’s Island to downtown Calgary

Prince's Island Park into downtown Calgary Alberta
Prince’s Island Park into downtown Calgary Alberta

This is a quiet little pedestrian bridge on the east side of Prince’s Island Park, that it seems, very few people know about. Princess Island park is linked to Eau Claire and downtown Calgary with three bridges.  There is currently one bridge connecting Princess Island to Calgary’s northwest communities and Memorial Drive, but that is soon to change.

It was a great fall morning, water was still and the clouds were perfect! You know that when your day starts like this it is going to be a good day.

Calgary Princes’ Island Bridge at Sunrise

pedestrian bridge, Prince's Island Bridge, downtown, Calgary Alberta
Early Morning on the pedestrian bridge to Prince’s Island Park and downtown Calgary Alberta; copyright jmeyersforeman

Sunday morning, sunrise in Calgary.  Walking over the Prince’s Island bridge you are looking south in to downtown Calgary, the business towers of Calgary glowing from the sunrise light. If I worked downtown this would be a great route to walk in the morning!

My goal this month is to find as many great sunrise views of downtown Calgary before it gets too cold! I am hoping the weather holds, wish me luck!

This image and others are available for viewing and purchase by hoping over the gallery. Let me know if you visit!

Calgary Center Street Bridge at Sunrise

I love to see the sunrise, I just hate getting out of my warm bed to do it, but when I do, it really seems to pay off….

Here the sun is just coming over the Center Street bridge, and all was quite this morning! The trees are turning color, lots of the trees have lost their leaves, it was beautiful.  The hard part about photographing the sunrise here is Calgary you either have to get up really early,or you are freezing.   When I say early I mean early, like 4:30 as sunrise happens around 5:30 am. This time of the year the sunrise is about 8:13 am, which is a very reasonable hour. The temperature this morning was about 5 celsius, which is also quite reasonable.  As the fall turns to winter and the rise is later in the day, the temperatures can and will get much colder.

It doesn’t matter either I have to wake up early, or I have to be cold, most times I am rewarded with a great sunrise and glad I made the effort, seeing the sunrise is a great way to start the day.

Destination Wedding Workshop

Dubrovnik Crotia, a lovely place for wedding photography.

I have been home for a couple of weeks now, and while I have been able to do some preliminary work on the holiday and workshop images, I am just now finding time to put the finishing touches on most of them.   The wedding workshop with David Beckstead and Gordon Jovic was jam packed with information, discussion and dialogue, beautiful models and best of all time for photography and for learning.

I did bring home David Beckstead’s workshop in a box, I have taken a sneak peak at some of the information and I know that it will be a great supplement and re-enforcement to all that I have learned.


Another beautiful portrait of Karen on her wedding day taken out at the Sirrco Golf Club.