Greenland from the airplane

Often when we fly Bill gets the window seat, Sundays flight home was no exception. I like to get up and walk around a bit, stretch my legs, and if he is watching tv or sleeping then I don’t have to disturb him, it is a perfect match because he hates the aisle seat!!!!  One Sunday I had to make him move a couple of times because the view out the window was magical, and I wanted a photo. Lucky when we went over Greenland Bill was not sleeping, and we were not eating. I spotted the snow mountains and glistening lakes the view was amazing. I am in awe of the world’s beauty.

This image was added to Jakesprinter Sunday Post “Distance”  “Distance Shots : A view in which the subject is a long distance from the camera or appears to be far away”  check out his blog, and his great illustrations and videos.


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