Karen and Jon’s dreamy first dance, as they start life together!

Newly weds, new family……..for the wordpress weekly photo challenge: family.

I have been playing around with Karen and Jon’s wedding photos, and thought I would try something completely different.  I can’t decide if I like it or if it is completely hokey, if it is too busy, and the backgound is distracting, or adds to the “story”

I think I will have to look at it for a while, and I know that it really only matters what Karen and Jon have to say about it, I would like to hear from you as well. What do you think?


19 thoughts on “Karen and Jon’s dreamy first dance, as they start life together!

  1. I like the photo as it is. It is well captioned; I’d agree that it shows “dreaminess”. I like that the background is fuzzied out; it adds to the theme, possibilities. Everyone who sees the picture will imagine his or her own possibiities. Hope Jon and Karen like it too!


  2. this is wonderful – the focus is on the couple, and the bokeh contributes to both the dreaminess of this moment as well as their future dreams. i too hope that John and Karen like this one!


  3. I really like it. The background looks as if it is time ‘moving’ forward, as it will, yet the couple have frozen for just this special moment. To be able to look back and feel what this photo has captured will be a gift that will last a lifetime. Great ‘family’ capture. : )


  4. Not sure. I can see the focus is on Karen and Jon but I would have like to see them in total focus. I find the white smudging at the edges a bit distracting. But as photographers we all know, there’ll be those who like it and those who don’t but we should never stop experimenting…


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