Calgary Center Street Bridge at Sunrise

I love to see the sunrise, I just hate getting out of my warm bed to do it, but when I do, it really seems to pay off….

Here the sun is just coming over the Center Street bridge, and all was quite this morning! The trees are turning color, lots of the trees have lost their leaves, it was beautiful.  The hard part about photographing the sunrise here is Calgary you either have to get up really early,or you are freezing.   When I say early I mean early, like 4:30 as sunrise happens around 5:30 am. This time of the year the sunrise is about 8:13 am, which is a very reasonable hour. The temperature this morning was about 5 celsius, which is also quite reasonable.  As the fall turns to winter and the rise is later in the day, the temperatures can and will get much colder.

It doesn’t matter either I have to wake up early, or I have to be cold, most times I am rewarded with a great sunrise and glad I made the effort, seeing the sunrise is a great way to start the day.


7 thoughts on “Calgary Center Street Bridge at Sunrise

  1. This is an example of why it’s worth fighting your way out of bed. The quality of the light is so much better. Sunsets are good too of course.
    I really like the natural lighting and tones.


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