Calgary Princes’ Island Bridge at Sunrise

pedestrian bridge, Prince's Island Bridge, downtown, Calgary Alberta
Early Morning on the pedestrian bridge to Prince’s Island Park and downtown Calgary Alberta; copyright jmeyersforeman

Sunday morning, sunrise in Calgary.  Walking over the Prince’s Island bridge you are looking south in to downtown Calgary, the business towers of Calgary glowing from the sunrise light. If I worked downtown this would be a great route to walk in the morning!

My goal this month is to find as many great sunrise views of downtown Calgary before it gets too cold! I am hoping the weather holds, wish me luck!

This image and others are available for viewing and purchase by hoping over the gallery. Let me know if you visit!


9 thoughts on “Calgary Princes’ Island Bridge at Sunrise

  1. Good luck! May the warm weather last a LOT longer. I’m soooo not ready for winter to be back already. No sunrise pictures for me. Sunrise is kid prep and drop-off time. I’ll actually have to wait until sunrise comes after 9am and then it’ll be well and truly freezing. That’s a lovely sunrise-over-the-city shot you have here.


  2. Great picture! You should try from the top of the park behind my building It would be a great sunrise picture spot! And if you’re lucky I will invite you in for a tea to warm up.


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