Washed up in Philipsburg, St. Maarten

These old boats look like they have been washed up and abandoned on the shores of Philipsburg on St. Maarten Island.  Given that the days here are getting shorter and shorter, and the temperatures colder and colder I think I would like wash up on a beautiful beach in a warmer climate.  I have had a nasty cold over the last few days, clearly from the last couple of posts I have been dreaming of a winter holiday somewhere warm

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waiting in the shade………….

cataloguing, keywording, and organizing holiday photos, I love to revisit the holidays!  This guy is just sitting in the shade watching the tourist walk by.  Oh wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit on the beach this weekend and drink margaritas! That is not going to happen this weekend here in Calgary, maybe I will drink margaritas by the fireplace!  I hope what ever your plans are that you are making great memories.

Barcelona Balconies

El Drac de Gaudí at Finca Güell , great balconies designed by Gaudi, I wonder if what the neighbors would think if I was so inspired that I added one of these fascinating balconies to my 2nd floor window?  I love them, but they might not be quite right in suburban Calgary!

Calgary Construction

a slightly different view of the construction cranes hovering over downtown Calgary.

Wishing for warmer shores

Waikiki sunset……

It has been a cold weekend, and while I have heard the tempetures will be better during the week, it is just the beginning of winter.  Two things I am sure of, first there will be plenty more cold days ahead, and second it would be nice to watch the sunset someplace warm, Waikiki would do nicely.

For this photo I used a long shutter speed and a little movement to create an abstract landscape image.

Baby Emily; Slide show posted on Flicker

Baby, Emily, photos are finally finished, I have posted a slideshow on flicker .  If it wasn’t so cold out I would deliver a dvd of the imags, but I have decided that it would be best to curl up by the fire and have a glass of wine………

happy friday to everyone!

It’s friday, last night was a late night, Steven Galloway a Canadian writer and teacher kept me awake, reading “The Cellist of Sarajevo“.  I have been told that the book was inspired by a true story, it is more about the three people struggling to survive than it is about the war. If I had time today I would curl up in a corner, avoid the freezing temperatures outside and read by the fireplace. Maybe tomorrow!

san francisco in motion, abstract landscape photography

yesterday was a big day of the always exciting bookeeping chore that needs to be done, let me tell you this isn’t my favorite way to spend an evening after work!   I have been experimenting with abstract landscapes, here is san fransisco, as sunset.  It had been a cool and cloudy day in November and there wasn’t much of a sunset, the lights were starting to come on in the buildings and we had been wandering around for a few hours seeing th sites. I knew this was the best light I was going to get over the city, we were getting cold, and hungry, so I took a few frames and carried on.

It is a little difficult to see, but you can make out the sign for Ghirardelli Square, after dinner we went there and had the greatest ice cream sundaes ever, it is the best place to blow your diet, and splurge on something amazing!!!!!!

sweet sleeping newborn emily

one more beautiful photo of Emily, yup she slept most of the visit….
get a look at the eyelashes, wow, seriously long eyelashes……………
oh babies are cute when they sleep.
the next time I get to visit with her I am going to get some of her awake!