Tango Lessons, Central Park, NYC

From June until September you can learn Tango in Central Park, NYC.  Every Saturday at 6 pm a group gathers to dance, to demonstrate and to teach those who are interested.  It was amazing to watch, and if I hadn’t been busy taking pictures I might have joined in the lesson.  To watch the dancers weave their way around the cobblestone square was magic.

other examples of my tango in centeral park images


5 thoughts on “Tango Lessons, Central Park, NYC

  1. At first sight it´s a little distracting, that you have used this view. A moment later, in my opinion, it fits perfect. It shows the feeling of Tango, the rythm, the mood in a perfect way. Also I like the “Comic Book” style. Very good work!


    1. thanks, I am glad you like it! it is a bit of a risk with the angle of the couple, and placing them in the corner, and it isn’t a style that everyone will like! I had not considered the “comic book” style, it isn’t really in my frame of reference, so i will have to have a look at it thanks for taking time to comment. it is nce to get some feedback.


  2. Thanks for answering my comment. it´s nice to know that you appreciate it.

    …and it isn’t a style that everyone will like!…
    BTW, if you´re not a professional taking photographs primary is for yourself, not for others. And giving a new view a try is a chance to learn something more about photography.
    Kind regards and have a nice Christmas time.


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