Misty Moon overy Calgary

Friday night I as late leaving work when I noticed the moon in the sky, knowing how fast the clouds can change, or even disappear I could hardly get home fast enough.  While I usually carry a camera with me, I didn’t have a big enough lens to do this justice.  I not only needed my 70 – 200, I needed my teleconverter, and my tripod for this photo.

So there I was dressed in my word clothes, not dressed for the winter weather; no gloves, no hat, flats instead of boots, standing in the middle of my neighbor’s front yard, mumbling to myself, I am sure I was quite the sight, but given the temperatures I wasn’t out there long! I don’t think the neighbors even noticed.  I had no time to waste.  It wasn’t until after I downloaded the images that I noticed the lens fare, lets face it, it was cold out there my fingers were getting numb and I wasn’t spending a lot of time examining the screen on the back of my camera, but I like the lens flare and I’m kinda glad it showed up!

enter in UE’s weekend Challenge for nature, check out the other photographers great work.


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