Rachel, and the Sunday Model Shoot

Rachel was over to the house on Sunday, along with her mom  and friend Kaley.  I owe Kaley and apology, I for some strange reason kept wanting to call her Carly, so sorry Kaley.  Along with the three ladies were 10 other photographers – yup 11 of us shooting portraits in the house!  We set up lights in the basement with a black backdrop, in the dinning room in front of a very large landscape painting, the living room in front of the window and the christmas tree, and in one of the bedrooms in front of the small white christmas lights that you see here.

The Photographers were all pretty patient taking turns at each of the mini light studios with the ladies. There was a wealth of knowledge in the “rooms” and at time it was a little like the blind leading the blind, but all in all we got some great images.  I will be posting more of my photos as I find time to process them, I seem to have over extended my time commitments this week, and I am having trouble finding time at the computer!

For those that might be interested I used the Florabella black and white champagne action for the black and white conversion.  I like the tone it gives to the photograph.

see more of Rachel‘s photos from the model shoot.


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