Boxing day surpise, Partridges in the Front yard!

on boxing day morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen i looked out the window and found 1 or 12 of these little Partridges in the front yard!  Now I have seen them before, scurrying through the front yard. this time they were playing in the tree well. They must have found the dirt warm from the sun, maybe some seeds from the grass and flower  that were close by.  They spent quite a bit of time there and I was able to get a few pictures from the front window.  The minute I tried to open the door the heads popped up, and the prepared to bolt.  I wasn’t able to get any closer to them for more pictures.

Introduced to North America  from Hungary for hunting purposes,  in the early 1900s. Gray  Partridges are abundant in the prairie provinces.  The Alberta population apparently is apparently thriving  in the southern and central part of the province, I don’t think they are often seen in the cities, and it was a special treat to see them on Boxing Day.

I have listed this on the Walk in New York – challenge walk the street, the blog features steet scenes from different photographers,  this isn’t a typical urban scene, which is why I wanted to show it to the world!


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