Rio eBacino Orseolo, Venice Italy

Rio eBacio Orseolo, Venice Italy.  I have presented this image before, but wasn’t really happy with the results. This time I employed the square format, which provide a limited view, and I think a little tension; maybe the viewer wondering about the bridge and where it leads to?

I also used a texture layer on the images, Kim Klassen’s Cafe has some great textures, offers some great information on how to use them, and even runs internet classes for those that are interested.

you can see the origional Rio eBacio and let me know what you think.


10 thoughts on “Rio eBacino Orseolo, Venice Italy

  1. Both images are beautiful but I am really drawn the most to the first one you posted. I like having a broader perspective but it still allows for the destination of the bridge to be mysterious. I also like having more reflections in the water. It gives the image a dreamlike effect.


  2. I agree with Gloverlee on being drawn to the first image given its “broader perspective” and water reflections. I like the original’s crispness; the inclusion of the building wall on the right and its real feel. This is a lovely image too and I think you have a winner either way 🙂


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