street performers

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.     Victor Hugo

The guitarist in the photo was playing on the streets of Nuremberg Germany, absorbed in the song he was playing we stood  absorbed as the music floated around us. between songs he acknowledged those that place a contribution into his guitar case.  He acknowledged my camera, an smiled for a photograph, then went back playing.  I like the images of him playing, his passion for his music is palatable.

I have been following along with Kim Klassen’s Cafe, she has some wonderful textures, e-lessons, “where textures and photos connect.”  After adding the texture I used the the Floreabella Retro Vintage Action, adding to the vintage feel. I have been experimenting with different images and I want to that these two websites for inspiration and encouragement.


13 thoughts on “street performers

  1. I love photos of musicians as well, especially since my parents and now 7 year old son are musicians. I LOVE watching my son play guitar, as well as hearing him!! Thank you for the share. Love the added texture!


  2. Congratulations Janice,
    With this nice use of the xture and this very intimate shot you have a winning picture.
    Very well done!


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