Business Portrait, Dr. Neville Headley

A person himself believes that all the other portraits are good likenesses except the one of himself. Edvard Munch
My friend was happy with his portaits!  One of the interesting things about doing portraits is the time I get to spend with each person, hearing the stories of their job, the places they have visited, and their interests. Listening to their stories really does make the time go by so fast, I often wish I could slow down the clock………….

Baby Zak

Ten tiny little fingers that always want to play, That never stop exploring the wonder of today. Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start, Will reach out for tomorrow yet always hold your heart. ~ Unknown

It is no surprise that I am a sucker for babies – love to cuddle and coo, it is always special when I get time and the opportunity to photograph them. I had said I would wait to post pictures until I was done processing the images, but I just couldn’t wait, so here is a sneak peak at Baby Zak.

Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn NY

Another image of Jane’s Carousel, it was a rainy day in New York City, when we took the subway to Brooklyn and wandered the streets,  our goal a little coffee shop that was recommended by a fellow blogger, called the Brooklyn Roasting Company and seeing Jane’s Carousel.

There is something magical about a carousel. Aside from the beauty and craftmanship of these historic gems, there is the craftsmanship that goes into restoring them. Maybe we remember the feeling of being a small child and riding the carousel and seeing our parents and or grandparents standing on the side waiting for us to come around and wave. Maybe it is as a parent or grandparent standing on the side and seeing the joy of the children as the see us and wave.  There is magic and joy all around the carousel, and this one is no exception.  The setting on the East River in view of the Brooklyn Bridge even on a rainy gray day is worth the walk, after all the coffee shop is just around the corner!

Saratoga Pony, Saratoga Springs New York

by now you have probably guessed I have a fondness for carousel ponies.  This one was at Saratoga Springs. Unfortunately the carousel was closed for the season and all I could do was admire the ponies from outside the glass. I used a texture overlay to enhance the grungy glass, and the warm yellow of the late afternoon sun.

Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn New York

Jane’s Carousel, in Brooklyn Bridge Park, near the Brooklyn Bridge, along the East River, housed in a glass pavillion is the historic carousel has been completely restored.  For just $2.00 anyone can ride the ponies.  The day Bill and I were there it was a quiet day – opening at 11 am on Sunday only a few parents were out with their small children to experience the magic.

Carousels are such a pleasure, check out Jake’sprinter’s web post for more of his reader’s posts on pleasure.

Bill on the streets of Brooklyn, black and white photography

Bill and I visited Brooklyn, on a rainy Saturday. A blogger friend had recommended a coffee shop, the Brooklyn Roasting Company on Jay St.  Dispite the weather we set off to see the area,  here is Bill walking down Jays St. –  with the cobblestone streets, and old rail lines.  After a warm cup of coffee we headed out to walk along the river.

this and more images of New York City are available jmeyersforeman photography 

Guggenheim Museum, New York City, The Exterior

One last picture of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City,  this time the exterior – I wanted toget in close enough to eliminate a lot of the background, yet still show off it’s unusual shape, to make the photo more about the geometry, and the lines. I converted the image to a high contrast black and white, the building is really quite dirty and the black and white reduced the amount of dirt that can be seen in the image.

Guggenheim Museum, Architecture of New York City

I have returned from New York City with dozens of pictures from the our trip, while the Guggenheim is usually one of my favorite places to visit while in the city, this trip was a bit of a disappointment. They had just closed a major show, and were preparing the major exhibit halls for a new show – lots of painters – not paintings!

The Guggenheim opened in 1959 was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and is one of the cities most notable architectural landmarks.

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Eliis Island Luggage, Ellis Island Museum

One of the displays at Ellis Island Museum, a sample of the luggage new citizens to the United States brought with them.

Ellis Island

The Ellis Island Museum  tells the story of 12 million immigrants that entered the United States between 1892 AND 1924. According to the website over 40 percent of Americans can trace their lineage through the Ellis Island Immigration Station. The  second floor are these beautiful windows – the light streams in an warms the room.  Looking out the window we can see the Statue of Liberty.