Ellis Island

The Ellis Island Museum  tells the story of 12 million immigrants that entered the United States between 1892 AND 1924. According to the website over 40 percent of Americans can trace their lineage through the Ellis Island Immigration Station. The  second floor are these beautiful windows – the light streams in an warms the room.  Looking out the window we can see the Statue of Liberty.


44 thoughts on “Ellis Island

  1. Congratulations Janice!
    This very well composed pic is one of the best of the week.
    In addition to the compo I also love the light. Bravo!


  2. Inspired!
    I too saw that view a couple of years ago, I found the whole visit to Ellis Island incredibly moving.
    I used a shot of the Statue of Liberty in the weekly photo challenge on “Hope” a few weeks back and i still think about all the poor emigrants escaping heaven knows what, hoping for a better life.


      1. NYC is way up there … if not #1 on my list of places I want to go to so …. 🙂 and Ellis Island will certainly be part of that trip one day. October, I’m thinking would be good, when it’s not too hot.


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