Guggenheim Museum, Architecture of New York City

I have returned from New York City with dozens of pictures from the our trip, while the Guggenheim is usually one of my favorite places to visit while in the city, this trip was a bit of a disappointment. They had just closed a major show, and were preparing the major exhibit halls for a new show – lots of painters – not paintings!

The Guggenheim opened in 1959 was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and is one of the cities most notable architectural landmarks.

this and other images of he Guggenheim are available for purchase at jmeyersforeman photography 


10 thoughts on “Guggenheim Museum, Architecture of New York City

  1. oh wow – excellent shot! I can sympathise with your Guggenheim experience – a number of years ago, a friend and my sister came to visit me from Australia and we went to see the Guggenheim. First impressions: a scaffolded building being repainted (if I recall correctly). Can you imagine?! Anyway… This image is excellent. It shows exactly why the Guggenheim is an architectural feat.


    1. hi Marina, this is the 2nd time we have been to the Guggenheim when they were between shows, rather disappointing, because you can’t walk around all the floors! but I really go for the architecture, I am glad you like the images – I have an exterior shot I am posting tomrorow!


  2. Congratulations Janice,
    This picture is for us the best of the week.
    With this shit you showed us all the essence of the guggenheim.
    Great shot!


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