Hiroaki Kobayashi, Calgary based photographer

I first met Hiroaki Kobayashi at the Stampede, Western Photo Gallery the summer of 2011, since that time our paths have crossed many times!  On Tuesday we were at the Airdrie Studio 35, to participate in a model shoot out! A young model needing some practise modeling, and several photographers take turns working with her in 15 minutes bursts.  Between shoots we had a few minutes to chat, and I noticed Hiro standing in front of thet light and grabbed a shot. Of course he moved just as I pressed the shutter, so I made him stand a few more minutes while I got the image I wanted.

Thanks Hiro for your patience!  Hiro’s photography can be seen his website Wide Bright Pass Photography I am looking forward to seeing the images he took of the model. I should have some of mine ready tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Hiroaki Kobayashi, Calgary based photographer

  1. This is nice wake-up surprise to me. Thanks, Janice. Good control of DOF as well. But I realized you’ve got to smooth my skin. I think I am not that young any more -;)


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