Versatile blogger

Versatileblogger Award

The Versatile Bogger Award

Having my blog nominated by Jakesprinter at is quite a complement, and I want to thank Jakesprinter for acknowledging my blog, it is nice to know that the photos and content are enjoyed.

There are three simple rules after being nominated as a versitile blogger; 

1. Thank the person who gave you this award by linking to their blog! with that I do want to thank Jake  for nominating my blog, and recommend that you heck out his blog, he has some great illustrations, and is working hard to build a community by not only asking readers to get involved with him, but by reaching out to support other bloggers. He seems to have a wonderful sense of humor!

2. Nominate 15 bloggers here is 15 blogs I read, enjoy and are inspired by


3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself:  that’s probably harder than picking 15 great blogs out of all the great blogs out there!

1) I love to travel; 2) I carry my camera almost all the time; 3) I love poetry, and have been reading/studying haiku; 4) I am a volunteer at the Calgary Stampede, Western Photo Gallery Committee; 5) dancing is a great way to spend the evening; 6) dinner with family and friends is another great way to spend the evening; 7) I would like to see sunrise more often!


5 thoughts on “Versatile blogger

  1. Janice…

    First, accolades for your award nomination. Well deserved! Since the “Versatile Blogger” protocal is new to me, I’m proceeding like this…

    Thank you for my “Versatile Blogger” award nomination. I did not know the existence of the award until I happened to read Jeff Sinon’s post on March 24th that he had been acknowledged. Wow! I was very much surprised and momentarily stopped when I received the notice.

    You can read my responses to the “Versatile Blogger” nominee three rules here:

    Again, much thanks!!

    ~ Best ~


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